The 2017 Creative Challenge

The Australian Community Creative Challenge was first held in 2013 to recognize the diversity of Australian artistic talent living and working in the Greater New York area.

The Challenge for creative Australians living in New York is to create a body of work – using any medium – that encompasses three elements: Australia, Community and New York.

Our 2017 Winner is Kurt Sneddon with  “Australian Flag Raising NYC”

Runner up was Katy-May Hudson with “It’s Been Eight Years”

Runner Up was Helen Marie Kogan with “An Awkward Journey”


A special awards ceremony was held at a local Australian business Sweat Yoga.  Special thank you again to Wade Helliwell for hosting the evening.

Previous winners of the Creative Challenge include  “One Day I’ll Come Home” performed by Tam Hansson and produced by Greg Daniels,

and “New York Aussie” created by Simon Heath.

“Art is very subjective, so the winner will be decided by popular vote from amongst the thousands of our members living in New York” says James Boland, the Founder and President of The Australian Community.

“This competition is an opportunity for any Australian artist living in the Greater New York area to receive recognition from other Australians, no matter what art medium they choose.”