Connect with our Community Job Fair in NYC!

If you are a Member in New York and you are seeking full time employment, we may have good news!

If you are not a member of The Australian Community, you can click here to learn more about our member services.

Finding work in any job market is a challenge so The Australian Community has created an Employment Group within our private Enterprise Social Network to assist our members find work.

In addition, we have launched a Mentoring Initiative where members can assist each other overcome social and professional challenges on a 1:1 basis, or read guidance from Thought Leaders within our Community.

Unlike a public Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, our Enterprise Social Network built on Microsoft Yammer is private.  It is by invitation only and is only accessible by members of The Australian Community.

Our private social network works like all public social media.  You can ask questions, post comments, Like, add #tags and there is even an instant message feature where you can connect with other members; but all member information and resources are private.

As our social network is private, you must receive an invitation to join.  This additional layer of privacy allows our members to collaborate and communicate without content appearing in public social media.

You must be a member of The Australian Community’s Private Social Network, and living in New York to participate in this initiative.

Step 1:

Complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Step 2:

Once you submit the form and your membership verified, you will be added to our Job Fair Database should an employer or recruiter contact The Australian Community seeking a particular candidate.

Step 3:

If you are not already a connected, you will receive an invitation to our Private Social Network where you can join the “Employment” group and any of the more than two dozen others including US Taxes, Legal, Finance, Visas, as well as the Social and Networking groups.

Step 4:

Inside the Employment group you will find documents, a sample resume, and articles to assist you with your job search.  It is highly recommended that you read this material.

Look for the following docs:

a) Community Job Fair Next Steps

b) The Perfect Resume

c) Top 10 Tips for Australian Job Seekers

d) Finding “Australian Friendly” Recruiters in NYC.

Step 5:

Our private Network has a powerful search feature that can find people, articles and links. (Hint: Search for “Recruiter”)

Step 6:

Share!  If you find an interesting article or a new “Best Practice” for finding work, share it with others!

Finding work ultimately depends on your experience, your resume and how quickly you build relationships with recruiters and individuals who will make introductions to employers on your behalf.

You can also listen to a series of podcasts we recorded on the unique challenges faced by Australian women in New York.

We can provide great resources and tools for our members who are looking for work, but these resources only account for a small percentage of the effort required to find employment.

Good luck!

Note:  You must have a valid employment authorization to work in the US.

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