June Newsletter

We have a new Website!

The new website (as you can see) is built on WordPress as it is better aligned with our technology roadmap for distributing Public content.

Over the past six years, we have published dozens of articles, and taken hundreds of pictures going back to January of 2012!

As there are literally dozens of writers in the Community who would like to contribute features and articles, this new platform will facilitate a greater engagement for members wishing to contribute social and professional content.

We would invite you to take a few minutes to view the website, and our Gallery – especially if you have attended any of our past events!

Our private social network will continue to host our Private member content.

However, unlike the culture of a WordPress site, our website will not be storing members’ personal information. By not storing personal information, this retires many of the security risks associated with WordPress databases, and keeps within our membership Privacy Policy.

It is buyer beware when it comes to sharing your personal information with websites who target expats.  Email and contact information is often sold to spammers or companies offering immigration and other expat services.

A New Mentoring Initiative Announced


Many of our members ask us how they can volunteer to give back to our organization.  This “Spirit of Mateship” is core to our culture, and fuels the volunteerism of our Community.

The most valuable resource in our organization is knowledge, therefore, creating a platform using our private social network where Members who are looking for career or personal guidance can connect with Mentors, clearly has value.

Whether it is a phone call, a coffee meeting or simply using the chat feature in our private social network, Mentors can help Members kick start their career or simply offer personal experience on a 1:1 basis.

For those members who wish to contribute, but do not have time for 1:1 mentoring, they are invited to contribute to this new initiative as a Thought Leader.

One of our Directors, Ava Newman, will be writing to you to explain the initiative in detail.  I invite you to get behind this initiative as it can make a such a positive impact through something as simple as a chat over a coffee, or posting a personal experience.

June Networking Event & Live Simulcast from Bluestone Lane DUMBO


On the evening of June 14, we are hosting a private networking event for our members at Bluestone Lane’s DUMBO location, where we will be answering the ten most important questions ever asked of The Australian Community.

The 20 minute session will be simulcast via Bluestone Lane’s Instagram account @BluestoneLaneCoffee.

The topics that will be covered are Employment, Visas, Legal, Tax, Finance as well as questions on the cultural challenges faced by Australian expats living in the US.

Given the limited space, you must be a member of our Yammer private social network to RSVP to attend in person.

We have published the RSVP passcode to “All Network”.

Of course, for those who cannot attend, you and tens of thousands of other Australians will be able to watch the simulcast live on Instagram on the evening from 8:00PM NYC local time.

There is no need to RSVP for the simulcast, just click this link @BluestoneLaneCoffee to watch.

Dare we say that we are highlighting the Down Under in DUMBO?

Thank you to our #KoalaGiving 2017 Sponsors!

#KoalaGiving 2017 is winding down and we want to thank the Sponsors who have contributed this year to support the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience; AIME.

You may have seen our Koala mascot Joey in our social media posts promoting the various businesses who are supporting this charitable initiative.

Our most recent donor Southern Cross Coffee received nearly 10,000 impressions in the past four weeks from this campaign.

We would invite any Australian small business to get behind this annual fundraiser to support charities aligned with our Mission, and highlight your business to our members and followers.

The growing role of our Private Enterprise Social Network.


For anyone of the 1,000 Australians who have already joined our private social network, the value of its knowledgebase as well as its collaborative features, vastly exceeds the $45 membership.

Going forward, as the demand for our complimentary monthly social and professional events exceed capacity, we will be limiting events to members of our private social network.

As is the case with our June Networking event, there will be a RSVP code published inside our private social network.  If there is capacity a few days beforhand, we will remove this code so that other Australians can attend.

However, some private events may not be published either in our social media, or this Newsletter, so please consider signing up for our private social network and other member benefits by joining The Australian Community.

We are a 100% volunteer organization so the $45 annual membership goes to fund our expenses, and keeps most of our monthly events free for members to attend.

If you are not already a member of our private network, we would invite you to click here to learn more and join.