Top 10 Reasons to Join The Australian Community

Diving into the deepest end of the most shark infested pool on the planet may be no brainer when it comes to taking your career to the next level.  However, without a social or professional lifeline, you are going to face some serious challenges.

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to connect Australians living in the US through social, professional and charitable initiatives.

We are a 100% volunteer organization therefore all of our revenues are reinvested into funding our programs.

Individual membership is US$45 per year.

If you are interested in joining as a Corporate Sponsor, click here to learn more.

Below are the Top 10 reasons why more than 5,000 Australians living in the US have already joined The Australian Community.

#10 It’s simple to join:

If you are an Australian living in the US, applying for membership is as simple as completing the form on the top right of this page!

We will reach out to understand how to best to connect you with our member services.  The call is free!

#9 Social Gatherings:

We are a very social species, so any organization that fails to engage Australians outside of social media is not truly catering to its members’ needs.

The Australian Community regularly hosts social gatherings in New York.  These gatherings create an opportunity to socialize with other professional Australians, make new friends and share your New York experience.

As a member you always receive invitations to special events before they are announced in our public social media.

#8 Professional Events:

Let’s be real, we did not move to US for the bagels.  Most Australians are here to challenge themselves and see how well they compete in one of the world’s toughest markets.

Having access to other professionals who can share insights into their success is invaluable when negotiating many professional pitfalls in cities such as New York.

Hosting member only professional events, along with industry focused seminars are a major initiative of The Australian Community.

#7 Charity may begin at home, but we live in the US:

Australians have a great sense of community, so helping others is hard wired into our DNA.

With a growing population in in cities around the US, Australians need to demonstrate that we are giving back to our local communities.

Our #SlipSlopSlap campaign to raise awareness of Skin Cancer in the US along with our #KoalaGiving campaign to help individuals and families in crisis are charitable initiatives that are making a meaningful impact at a grass roots level.

Aggregating and highlighting the philanthropic efforts of Australians to demonstrate that our members care, and they are contributing to the broader US community is a major initiative of our charitable mission.

#6 Access to Member Discounts:

The real value of membership to an expat organization is rarely measured in dollars and cents.  However, not only does The Australian Community provide soft value through social and professional connections, but access to a suite of discounted products and services.

Through aggregating the purchasing power of members, volume discounts can be negotiated, or access to financial products normally reserved for large corporate clients can be unlocked.

Our members can now register through a special link and access a preferred rate on their international wire transfers!  This a much deeper discount than OZForex’s standard rate, and it is one of the best rates available in the market.

It is also saving members thousands of dollars each year on personal and business money transfers over other FOREX services.

For those looking to travel to Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is offering a 5% discount to our members on domestic travel to and from Hawaii direct from JFK, as well as flights from other US cities.

If you are starting a business in the US, our members receive a 20% discount on all of Servcorp’s managed National office and coworking solutions.  This amazing discount can only be accessed by our members.

#5 Access to our Public Social Media

Our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts connect our members to more social news and events that are relevant to Australians living in the US.

#4 Access to our Private Yammer Social Network:

Our private Yammer Social Network initiative is unifying our social, professional, and charitable social media, and delivering collaboration tools to better connect members.

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook, Yammer protects our members’ privacy by keeping all personal information and conversations out of the public view.

For many members who who do not subscribe to social media, our private  Enterprise Social Network powered by Yammer provides an effective, non invasive, private collaborative environment free of spam where your personal information always remains private.

#3 Members Services including our Job Fair:

Finding work is one of the greatest challenges to living in New York.  An essential component to finding employment is understand the complexities of local work culture, down to how to format a resume.

Our Community Job Fair is now integrated into our private Enterprise Social Network making it simple for recruiters and employers to connect with highly qualified Australian candidates.

For those looking to accelerate their career, our Mentoring Initiative connects members to senior executives who can provide guidance and mentoring.

#2 Access to US Credit without a Credit Score:

Access to credit in the US has been the #1 challenge for our members.  It comes as a major surprise to Australians to learn that no credit score is almost the same as a bad credit score!

Through our longstanding relationship with HSBC, our members now have access to US credit based on your global assets and income, not a FICA score.

HSBC’s Premier and Advance platforms look at your assets here and in Australia, and your current earnings to provide you with a line of credit which can be a US credit card, all the way to a home loan – no credit score required!

This member program is probably the most exciting news we have announced for some time.

You can click here to be connected with our HSBC Relationship manager.

#1 You become a Member of a Community:

New York has a long history of nationalities banding together to overcome social and professional challenges.  In part, The Australian Community performs this function.

But a community is much more.  It is about celebrating  what makes us unique as a nation, whilst providing a platform for others to share in our culture.

By supporting The Australian Community whether it be through attending our events, volunteering, corporate sponsorships, or personal donations, you can give back to an organization who is helping to ensure that Australia’s contribution to New York and other US regions are both recognized and appreciated.

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