The 2017 Creative Challenge Art Competition

"Australian Flag Raising Ceremony NYC" has been voted the 2017 Creative Challenge Winner! 

The winning entry was by popular vote as the work of art that best embodied Australia, Community and New York.

Thank you also to our runners up Katy-May Hudson and Helen Marie Kogan for their entries.

joey walhole_vert

It's Been Eight Years by Katy-May Hudson


It's Been Eight Years, explores the thoughts and rituals of an Australian woman in preparation for a trip back home to regional N.S.W., after many years in New York. An autobiographical work, it aims to highlight the connection that foreigners feel in a foreigner place; displacement, idealization about their homeland and a yearning to return. This piece was first performed for a live audience in February 2017 by Katy-May Hudson, with the NY Neo Futurists (The Infinite Wrench: Kraine Theater, East Village).


Australian Flag Raising NYC by Kurt Sneddon


This picture was taken on September 16, 2017 at a Commemoration for the Ten Australians who perished on September 11, 2001 at Ground Zero.  The picture is of Australian performer Marika Aubrey singing the National Anthem at this annual flag raising ceremony in NYC.

An Awkward Journey by Helen Marie Kogan


An Awkward Journey is a depiction of my life in colors. The dark reds and blues symbolize the constant pain and loneliness I feel from having left my family and friends back in Australia. The light yellow and green colors symbolize the contradiction of my love of New York and the amazing opportunity that New York has provided me. The artwork tries to blend all the raw emotions that I feel of being an Australian alien in a foreign land, but still part of a community as a whole.