Finding better ways to connect Australians living in the US is core to our Mission. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce our latest initiative: The Australian Community Mentoring Initiative.

The Australian Community already has programs to assist our members with overcoming many of the challenges of living in the US.  The Australian Community Mentoring Initiative is the next step in assisting our members to accelerate their careers to the next level.

The Challenge:

Many members are looking for more than point solutions to kick start their career.  But how do you find someone within a specific industry and role who can programmatically assist you get to the next level?

Further, recruiters are always looking for highly qualified candidates with US experience, so members who are looking to make a change can quickly reach out to an “Australian Friendly” recruiter to assist in an upwards move.

The Opportunity:

Feedback from members who have achieved success in Corporate America, or Entrepreneurs who have built successful companies, is that they want to volunteer their time to give back through sharing their professional experience either on a 1:1 basis or Thought Leadership on a 1:Many basis through articles.

The Initiative:

The Australian Community Mentoring Initiative facilitates 1:1 connections through matching Mentors with Members based on their industry and role.   However finding an exact match is not the goal.  Having access to other Australians who have been in similar work situations is a highly valuable resource.

1:Many guidance is provided through posts from Thought Leaders who do not have the spare cycles to mentor someone on a 1:1 basis, yet wish to share their knowledge and experience with other Australians.

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Log in to our Private Social Network and connect with the Mentoring Group.

Step 2: If you are not a member of our Private Social Network and you are an Australian living in the U.S. you can join The Australian Community.

Step 3: Mentors may be paired with Members based on common industry and role, but this is not the main objective of the Group.

Thought Leaders are immediately invited to participate by posting guidance and best practices within the group.

Unlike a public Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, our social network powered by Yammer is private, and only members of The Australian Community are invited to join.

You must be a member of The Australian Community’s Private Social Network, and living in the US to participate in this initiative.

If you are not a member of The Australian Community, you can click here to learn more about our member services and join.

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