Wrap up of #OzDayNYC 2018 – aka “The Joeys”

It was a sold out, star-studded, Black Tie event at Pier A that recognized the contributions of Australian performing artists Amanda Bishop, Marika Aubrey, Ben McHugh, Kaye Tuckerman, Nick Hardcastle and Jeremy Youett.  Our Honorees were Stella Pulo and Sullivan Stapleton.

It was also great to see fellow Blindspot actor Luke Mitchell and his wife Rebecca Breeds stop by with Sully.  World renowned Australian Classical Guitarist Rupert Boyd added a special touch to the evening with a live performance.

The guest list read like a who’s who of Australian performing artists!

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Announcing The Australian Community Center in New York

Who would have thought that seven years ago, what started out as a handful of Australian expats banding together to network and share knowledge, would grow into what is now the largest Australian non-profit organization by United States membership.

Further, after launching our Enterprise Social Network in January 2016, the Australian Community’s Yammer network has now grown to house the largest private Australian knowledgebase in the US.

Sixty percent of our 3,800 members, and two thirds of our Board of Directors are Australian women.

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Moving to the US for Aussies


The Australian Community is a non-profit organization.  We provide valuable expat services to tens of thousands of Australians living in New York and other cities in the USA.

Moving to the US for Aussies is designed to assist Aussies moving to America from Australia gain an insight into expat life in the USA.

Rather than relying on the individual experience of self proclaimed experts (who “repurpose” our content for their Blogs), our book  Moving to the U.S. for Aussies is the culmination of years knowledge captured from the collective experiences of thousands of Australian members of our non-profit organization.

Our Yammer Enterprise Social Network connects you to the largest private knowledgebase in the USA, as well as more than 1,000 other professional Australians.  If you would like more information on The Australian Community, or join our organization to access our member events in New York, click here to learn more.

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What would happen if The Australian Community appeared on Shark Tank?

If you are not familiar with Shark Tank, the TV show features Entrepreneurs pitching highly successful business owners on why they should invest in their company.

Theoretically speaking, if you could successfully pitch the Sharks on the value proposition of our organization to Australian Ex-pats, then attracting new members to join The Australian Community should be a no-brainer.

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