Community Job Fair v2.5: Now Accepting Applicants!

If you are an Australian in New York, and you are seeking full time employment, we may have good news!

After our recent article on the challenges Australian Job Seekers would have faced if H.R. 7164 passed the Senate, a decision has been made to broaden our existing Community Job Fair 2.0 to include all Australian job seekers who are physically on the ground  in New York City. 

The goal of Community Job Fair 2.5 is to increase the number of Australians who successfully apply for E-3 visas, starting with New York.  By extending components of our Community Job Fair to all Australian job seekers in NYC, we can raise the number of Australians who successfully find work, and thereby reduce the number of E-3 visas that go unused.

There seems to be no shortage of highly qualified Australians coming to the United States who would qualify for an E-3 visa.  Where there is a shortage, is access to ethical, professional guidance in areas such as resume writing, the U.S. interview process, as well as finding and building relationships with recruiters.

Further, there is a persistent challenge for Australians to explain the E-3 visa to prospective employers, as well as correctly completing paperwork.  Education is a key factor to increasing new approvals as well as reducing the number of E-3 denials. 

Equally important is providing a platform to connect job seekers with Australians working in the U.S. who want to assist others find work through mentorship, sharing personal experience or a job posting.

Integral to this initiative, is the Employment Group inside our Yammer private network.  Currently recruiters and employers have access to some 300 highly qualified Australians who are on the ground, either actively or passively seeking work in NYC.  This number is expected to grow significantly with the re-launch.

If you are not a member of The Australian Community, you can click here to learn more about all of our member services, and join.  Annual membership with The Australian Community is less than one month of LinkedIn Premium – and is tax deductible. 

NOTE!  If your Postal Code is outside of the Greater New York Area, or your phone number contains a “+61” you are ineligible for this initiative.  If your LinkedIn profile has you listed outside of the Greater New York Area, you are ineligible for this initiative.

Feedback from recruiters is that resumes with an International phone number, or LinkedIn profiles with locations outside of the U.S. are simply ignored.  If recruiters will not consider applicants who appear to be located outside of the United States, then neither can we. 

Please complete all fields on the form on the bottom of this page, including the hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile.  

Step 1:

To receive the full benefits of this program through accessing our Employment Group, you must be a member of The Australian Community, and you must be physically present in NYC.  You can click here to join.  Annual membership is only $45.

Australians who are not members, but are physically present in NYC, can also complete the form at the bottom of this page, however you will not have access to our Employment Group.

Step 2:

Once you submit the form, your location and your Australian citizenship verified, you will be added to our Community Job Fair Database.   should an employer or recruiter contact The Australian Community seeking a particular candidate.

Members of The Australian Community can access our Employment Group and access rich content including sample one page resumes, videos, podcasts  as well as best practices on finding work in the United States.

Step 3:

Members of our private network can connect with c.1,000 other members through more than two dozen Groups covering Accounting to Visas.  Networking, Mentoring and U.S. Taxes are amongst our largest Groups.

Some of the more popular Groups inside our Private Network.

Step 4:

Recommended content inside the Employment Group includes:

  • Community Job Fair Next Steps
  • The “Perfect” Resume
  • Top 10 Tips for Australian Job Seekers
  • How to Find “Australian Friendly” Recruiters on LinkedIn

Step 5:

Members can watch the Immigration video series on challenges facing Australians, inside our Visa Group.  This series was recorded with a leading U.S. Immigration Attorney based in NYC.

Step 6:

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and your Resume is only one page!

Step 7:

Share!  If you have a question, find an interesting article, or you wish to share a new best practice for finding work, share it with others inside our Employment Group!

Step 8:

Network! Network! Network!  The Australian Community can provide great resources and tools for our members who are looking for work, but these resources only account for a small percentage of the total effort required to find employment.

Finding work ultimately depends on your experience, your resume and how quickly you build relationships with recruiters and individuals who will make introductions to employers on your behalf.

Please click here to submit an application to be included in our Community Job Fair v2.5.

Good luck!

About The Australian Community

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and its Mission is to connect Australian living in the United States through social. professional and charitable initiatives.

All contributions are fully tax deductible under Section 170 of the IRS Code. The Australian Community is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.