Members of The Australian Community connect through our private social network.

The information below gives an overview of our private social network, as well as how to connect.

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Step #1

Click the Join button and fill out an application

Step #2

Make a Credit Card payment using our Secure Online Service.

Step #3

Use the email link you are sent to connect with our Yammer Network.

Step #4 Enter Your First and Last Names


After you pay your membership fee, you are sent an invitation to join our private social network.  Simply enter your first and last names to begin.

If you choose, you can enter other personal information, but this is optional.

Step #5 Join Relevant Groups

connect with our private social network

Join all of the Groups that are relevant to you.  To keep “noise” to a minimum, you only receive updates from the groups to which you belong.

There are more than two dozen social, professional and volunteer groups to choose from!

Step #6 Add a Profile Picture


If you choose, you can further personalize your profile with a picture.  Other than you first and last names, all fields are optional.  Your choose how much personal information you share with others.

Step #7 Explore Groups


Our Knowledgebase is contained within more than two dozen Group that cover topics from Accounting to Visas.

Join a conversation on planning our next major event, or read up on where the best coffee is in NYC!

Step #8 Download the App

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Yammer has its own App for Apple, Android and Windows phones.  Once you have the App on your phone, you can upload pictures to Groups, read messages, posts and add your voice to the conversation!

The Australian Community is now just a click away!

Looking for Work?

our private network

Our Employment Group is a great resource for best practices in finding work.  Sample resumes, articles, and tips for job seekers are all contained in this Group along with posts from Recruiters and Employers.

Yammer 101

private network

Connect with our private social network

Our private Network has a powerful Search feature that will find Conversations, People, and Files based on a keyword search.

If you search for “Yammer_101”, you will find a Word doc that explains how to use more of the advanced features of our network

Next Steps…

Our Private Social Network is only accessible to Members of The Australian Community.  Join today to connect with 1,000 other professional Australians who are living and working in the US.

About The Australian Community

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Its mission is to connect Australians living in the United States through professional, social, and charitable initiatives.