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ANZAC Day New York 2020

ANZAC Day in New York 2020: ANZAC Day NYC

Our ANZAC Day NYC 2020 ZOOM event featured live performances by leading Australians in New York.  On ANZAC Day we brought together Australians in New York, across the US, and around the World through song, poetry and reading letters from those on the front line at Gallipoli and the Somme.  #ANZACDayNYC

Bringing together The Australian Community at a time when Australians are experiencing isolation, is core to our Mission as a non-profit organization.  Our vision for #ANZACDayNYC 2020 is the same, but instead we used ZOOM to connect Australians on ANZAC Day - and not just in New York! #ANZOOMDay

The ANZAC Day 2020 Performers:

Thank you to the following artists (in order of appearance) who performed live at this ZOOM event:

Nick Hardcastle, Analisa Bell, Roanna Dempsey, Kaye Tuckerman, Sarah Wadsley, Amelia Cormack, Joey Gutos, and Ben McHugh.

Thank you also to producer Neil Gooding.







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