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August Zoom Online Gathering of The Australian Community

Join the Australian Community on August 20 from 7:00PM for another ZOOM Online Gathering.

Our Mission is to connect Australians living in the United States through social, professional and charitable initiatives.  Therefore, bringing together our members during COVID-19 is core to our Mission.

Some years ago we asked our members; "If you could combine the purchasing power of every Australian in the U.S., what would you buy?"

This solicited a number of rather humourous responses, but what it did give was a voice to our members on the essential services they needed.

Today, rather than assuming what our members need during COVID-19, we are asking again!

This month we have a special Zoom Gathering planned.  We want to better connect with Australians living in the United States, and understand their needs during COVID-19.

We have 100 virtual seats available for what may be the most important gathering of Australians living in the United States in 2020.

It is an opportunity to express your needs and where The Australian Community can improve your quality of life as a public charity - whether it be through new or expanded social, professional or charitable initiatives.

Questions and feedback will be submitted from the Zoom participants via Chat.

If you cannot attend, but would like to ask a question or submit a suggestion, you can use this link to submit your feedback https://aucommunity.org/feedback/

We will be accepting questions submitted before the Livestream commences at 7:00PM so be sure to submit your question early if you cannot attend.

As we have a limit of 100 attendees, we have a contingency if the event oversubscribes - which it most likely will.

If the RSVPs are closed, go to https://facebook.com/aucommunity at 7:00PM Eastern (US) on August 20, you can watch the ZOOM event LIVE via our FB page.

Want to watch our past Livestreams?  You can check out and Subscribe our YouTube Channel.

Thank you and keep safe.

June Replay:

Below is the replay of the June 18 Global ZOOM event.

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