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Australians are renowned for their quality of education and industry experience. This is evidenced by Australians holding leadership roles in some of America’s largest corporations. TAC now offers an executive search solution to attract, develop, and retain high-quality employees for your organization.

Australian Executive Search

Australians are not here for the Bagels!

Australia’s best and brightest do not come to the United States for a job: They come here to test their mettle against the world’s best and brightest. They are highly motivated and determined to take their career to the highest level.

This makes them ideal additions to any U.S. organization.

Australian Executive Search

Access the Largest Private Database of Australian Executives in America

The Australian Community has been connecting Australians in the United States for more than a decade. In that time we have developed close relationships with thousands of executives across dozens of industries.

Moreover, we have access to thousands more Australians outside of our organization, all of whom have access to work authorization in as little as a few weeks through the E3 Visa program.

E3 Visa Work Authorization for Australians

What is an E3 Visa?

The E3 Visa is a “specialty occupation” visa for Australian Nationals who possess a Bachelor’s Degree or work equivalence. It was enacted by Congress in 2005.

How Many are Available and When?

There are 10,500 visas available annually. As the 10,500 cap has never been reached, they are available all year long.

How Much does it Cost?

In all, the Filing fee for an E3 Visa is only $205 which is the cost of the passport Visa stamp. The visa can be collected from any U.S. Consulate abroad.

How Long is the E3 Visa Valid?

The E3 Visa is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely. Many Australians have been on an E-3 visa for more than ten years.

How Long does Processing Take?

Depending on Consular Appointment times, an E3 Visa can be obtained within two to four weeks.

What Paperwork is Required?

The E3 Visa requires an LCA to be filled with the DoL. An offer of employment, as well as a Letter of Support stating the position is a “specialty occupation”. That is it!

E3 Visa vs H1B Visa?

Hear from a US Immigration Attorney why employing an Australian on an E3 Visa is not too different from employing a U.S. Citizen.

In the video, Zjantelle Cammissa Markel discusses the many advantages of the E3 Visa over an H1-B visa including availability, cost, administration, and path to a Green Card.

FeatureE3 VisaH1-B Visa
Applications AvailableAll Year5 Days
Start Date from Visa Applicationc. 4 Weeks> 6 Months
Is a Visa "Lottery"NoYes
Term of Visa2 Years3 Years
Can be renewed?IndefinitelyOnce
Path to Green CardYesYes
Spouse can work?YesNo
Filing Fee$205$460
Fraud Fee-$500
ACWIA Fee-$750 if <25 Employees
$1500 if >25 Employees
Premium Processing Fee-$2500

What Does TAC’s Executive Search Cost an Employer?

Contingency Search

50% of the fee is due upon the acceptance of the offer letter, and another 50% after ninety days of employment.

Any and all understandings are contained in the Executive Search Agreement.

Are you an Australian Executive?

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