We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, and our Mission is to assist Australians living in the United States through Social, Professional and Charitable initiatives.

Before you join our organization, here are some answers to common questions.

How much does it cost to Join and how is the money spent?

Annual Membership is $45 for individual membership and $80 for a Spousal Membership.  Both memberships are fully tax deductible.

Revenue from membership and fundraising are reinvested into running our social, professional and charitable initiatives.

What benefits do I receive as a Member?

As a member, in addition to invitations to our public and private social, professional and charitable events, you receive access to our private Enterprise Social Network powered by Microsoft Yammer.

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network platform that us used by Global companies with tens of thousands of employees, to share knowledge through Groups, Conversations, Documents, and Private Messaging.  Yammer can certainly meet our Members’ long terms needs.

You can also read more about our Member Services.

How often do you hold Events, and how much do they cost?

The Australian Community hosts more than a dozen events each year.  Most events are free and you only pay for drinks.  Other events such as fundraisers, or where food and drink are provided do require a small donation.

You can click here to see a list of our upcoming events.

Why pay to join when I can access your Website and Social Media for free?

Only c.20% of our knowledgebase is made available to the public through our social media, and you can only instantly connect with other professional Australians through our private Yammer Social Network.

As a Member, you also receive invitations to private events, and are first notified of events that quickly fill.

Our private Social Network offers access to member only initiatives such as our Mentoring Initiative, Networking and content focused on finding work in the United States.

Why can’t I sign up for your Private Social Network directly like LinkedIn or Facebook?

Our private social network is open to members only, and you must be living in, or about to move to the US to be invited to join.

As access to our private social network is by invitation only, it ensures that our private network is free of Spam, Trolls, Serial Networkers and provides ethical guidance to professionals who can assist with complex expat matters.

Why doesn’t The Australian Community have a LinkedIn or Facebook Group?

In 2015 The Australian Community had the largest Australian LinkedIn Group in New York.  However feedback from our members was that they were reluctant to post questions on the challenges they were facing in public social media.

By establishing a private Enterprise Social Network, our members can post questions with the knowledge that the challenges they are facing will not be posted in a public forum.

Facebook Groups are certainly popular, but outside of short term rentals, they offer little in the way of connections to professional Australians living in the US.  Further, your posts on social network are subject to inspection by US Border agents.  Our private Network is exactly that; Private.

We do have a social media presence and our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts keep our followers up to date on social happenings within our Community.