If you are an Australian seeking full time employment in America, we understand the challenges you are currently facing.

The Australian Community has been finding American jobs for Aussies for more than a decade. Our Community Job Fair v3.5 now offered the most comprehensive set of tools to understand how to get a job in America from Australia.

Notwithstanding the fact that attempting to enter the United States for the purpose of finding work will have you on the next flight back to Australia, our Community Job Fair v3.5 is for informational purposes for those looking to understand how to get a job in America, from Australia.

Understanding the Needs of Australian Job Seekers.

Firstly, you have most probably found that when applying online for a U.S. job, you are asked the question: “Do you require sponsorship?” You have also found that if you answer “Yes”, your application will be ignored. Understanding what an employer is really asking, and how to answer this question truthfully and still be in the running for the position is a key to finding work in America.

Secondly, you understand that having a recruiter in your corner is another key to landing a new job. Having someone in your corner advocating for you over other candidates can make a world of difference in landing the job.

Another key to finding work is having an Australian employee in a company act as an advocate. Whether it is sharing the Job Description when it is first posted, or forwarding your resume directly to HR, it can make a huge difference.

This video was recorded with Peter May, an HR Consultant with thirty years of experience. Peter discusses what makes an Australian successful at finding employment in America.

Preparation is Key

Where many Australians fail in finding work is not having a resume that is tailored to a specific job description. Further, it may be incorrectly formatted for American employers. Many employers now use machine reading to sort resumes by relevance. If your resume is more than one page (or in A4 format) it too will go to the bottom of the pile.

There is a saying; You do not choose New York, New York chooses you. However, understanding whether your skills are in oversupply or undersupply in the city you intend to work in has a huge bearing on your success in finding work. Using resources in LinkedIn can give you great insight into jobs that require your skillsets. Further, there are ways to build your online profile to maximize your chances of finding work.

The questions you need to ask yourself, and have an answer before applying for a role are: Why would an Employer hire me over a U.S. Citizen? Are my skills and experience in high demand? Is my resume correctly formatted? Is it updated, and fully communicates my work experience? Does my resume reflect my LinkedIn profile?

Our Community Job Fair v3.5 brings together key resources to maximize an Australian find work in America. It is designed to assist more Australians to find work, and therefore increase the number of Australians working on the E-3 visa. Our vision is to have this program running Nationally in 2023.  Currently, our Community Job Fair v3.5 is limited to New York.

A History of Helping Australians

Our Community Job Fair v1.0 dates back to 2012.  Over the past ten years, we have assisted thousands of Australians to find work, some of whom are on their third, fourth, and fifth E-3 visa!

In that time, we have been listening to the needs of our members who are actively and passively seeking their next role.  Equally importantly, we have been listening to the needs of Australian employers who want to quickly fill professional positions.

The E-3 Advantage

To understand the challenge facing employers seeking to employ non-U.S. citizens, you first need to understand the H1-B1 process, i.e. “Sponsorship”. Firstly, there are more than 200,000 applications by employers for only c.60,000 available H-1B visas each year.  It can cost an employer as much as $12,000 for the H-1B visa filing fees, and there is no guarantee their application will be successful.

The E-3 advantage is that they are available all year, there is no filing fee for a Labor Condition Application (LCA), and the visa itself is only a few hundred dollars!

Having a new employee return with a work visa in under three weeks of a job offer, and costing only a few hundred dollars, represents significant value to an Employer!

Community v3.5 is NOT Disruptive!

Community Job Fair 3.5 is designed to work with Employers and Recruiters to quickly find highly qualified candidates.  Employers and Recruiters can post jobs directly to our LinkedIn Employment Group. Our Employment Community inside our Yammer Enterprise Network is a repository of knowledge, best practices, and videos. It also presents an opportunity for recruiters and employers to directly connect with our members who are seeking a new role.

Education Education Education!

A process of educating employers as to the value proposition of an E-3 visa has for the most part been non-existent since the visa was first created.  In part, our Community Job Fair v3.5 is about educating employers on why they should employ our members.

One major hurdle we have overcome is assisting Australians to explain the E-3 visa to a prospective employer.  The video below was recorded by Zjantelle Cammisa Markel, a U.S. Immigration attorney who is also an Australian.

This video was first published early in 2019 in Chapter 17 of our book Moving to the US for Aussies.  The book has received over 100,000 downloads, and not only provides information on finding work, but also guidance to overcoming many of the challenges facing Australians who are living and working in the United States.

How CJFv3.5 works:

Australians who are eligible for an E-3 visa can register through the form on this page. You will be contacted by a specialist who will make an appointment to further explain the program. After you connect with our Community Job Fair, the process will begin.

Step 1: Readiness Assessment

After a review of your resume and LinkedIn profile, you will receive a report highlighting and areas of concern, recommendations, and links on how to maximize your chances of employment.

Step 2: Online Training inside Yammer

Community Job Fair v3.5 includes access to our Private Yammer Network that connects you to more than three dozen Communities including Employment, Networking, Tax, Legal, and Immigration. Once connected, you can access live and pre-recorded Zoom meetings where employment best practices are discussed with subject matter experts.

Step 3: Introductions to Recruiters and Advocates

There are dozens of Australians in our Community who hold key positions in Recruiting and Human Resources, in some of America’s largest corporations. Once you are ready to begin actively seeking a role, you will be introduced to recruiters who understand that you are fully prepared to commence a new role with an American resume and that you understand how the U.S. hiring process works.

Connecting with our LinkedIn Employment Group gives you access to dozens of new roles posted by our Australian members. These members are advocates and can assist you to apply for the role they have shared through our LinkedIn Employment Group.

To get connected to Community Job Fair v3.5, complete the form below. Your Privacy is our Priority. Before registering you can read our privacy policy here.

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