Thousands of Australians on Green Cards and US work visas face the challenge of opening a US Bank account and accessing US credit.

The main challenge facing these Australian ex-pats is how to open a US Bank account, let alone access US credit without a US Credit Score.

Solution: Members of The Australian Community can access HSBC’s ex-pat banking solutions to open a US Bank account, get a credit card, and even access ex-pat home loans!

Open U.S. Bank Accounts and Access Credit Cards:

Some credit card companies will issue Australians with a US credit card to build a credit score.  However, credit cards are only half of the banking equation: You also need to open a US Bank account for money transfers and day-to-day banking needs.

The Australian Community recognized this challenge and, in 2012, introduced a program where Australians arriving in the US can open a US Bank account and obtain a US credit card through HSBC’s Premier and Advance ex-pat platforms, even if they were not existing customers and without a Social Security Number.

For Green Card holders in Australia who are on the way, they can open a local account with HSBC and then receive a US credit card to use and build a credit history before they arrive in the United States.

This is a unique program to access a US credit card and start building a US credit score.

Home Mortgages:

Under this program, our members can also access US Home Loans even if they do not have the 2-year work or credit history or a Social Security Number!.

  • HSBC may finance up to 75% for a primary home, cash out up to 70%
  • HSBC may finance up to 70%, as a second home, condo, co-op, one family etc, cash out up to 65%
  • HSBC may finance up to 60% on an investment property

For those members who have not yet left Australia, you can obtain a US credit card before you arrive in the US and thereby build a US credit score through your daily purchases in Australia!

These programs are being managed by our HSBC Relationship Managers in New York.  You can use the form below to have a Senior Relationship Manager or Mortgage Consultant contact you with all of the details.

Assisting our members to overcome the challenges of living in the US is core to our Mission.  Providing a way for our members to not only open a US Bank account and access credit in the US, but to build a US credit score whilst still in Australia makes perfect sense, and is an added value to joining our organization.

open a u.s. bank account

Building a credit score while still in Oz is a convenient credit offering from HSBC. Also if you are looking to purchase a property in the U.S. and you do not have a credit history, HSBC is geared to help expats get a mortgage.

At the end of the day it is personal choice and which bank offers you the best service, interest rate etc. is best decided by doing your own due diligence.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX):

If you are transferring money between Australia and the US (or any of more than 30 countries), check out the preferred rate that The Australian Community has negotiated with OFX (formerly OzForex). 

Click here to see how much money you could be saving over your existing Bank or online FOREX service.

Please complete the form below to be contacted by a HSBC representative to discuss your credit needs. 

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