Community Job Fair v2.5

A Community Initiative to assist in finding jobs for Australians in New York.

If you are not a member of The Australian Community, you can click here to learn more about all of our member services, and join.  Annual membership with The Australian Community is less than one month of LinkedIn Premium – and is tax deductible. 

Before proceeding with an application to be included in our Community Job Fair v2.5, which assists in finding jobs for Australians in New York, please read this important article:  Community Job Fair v2.5 Now Accepting Applicants

The initial focus of our Community Job Fair will be New York City.  Other cities will be included as funding become available and additional resources can be added.

All participants, members and non-member, will receive a monthly Newsletter and details of upcoming social and professional networking events hosted by The Australian Community and its partners.  These events are complimentary for members.  Non-members may need to make a small donation to attend these events.

Applying for U.S. positions, or contacting U.S. recruiters from Australia can be an exercise in futility.  Thousands of Australians make this same mistake each year, and all they do is burn a contact or job opportunity in the process.  You MUST be on the ground in the U.S., ready for an interview if you are to be successful in finding work.

Just remember, there is a Universe of difference in a recruiters mind between a candidate who says: “I can meet you in NYC for a coffee on Thursday” and “I am willing to come to the U.S. if I receive a job offer”.

Not in NYC?

If your arrival date in the U.S. is more than thirty (30) days, we would highly recommend that you read our online book “Moving to the U.S. for Aussies“.  You can also listen to a  series of podcasts we recorded on the unique challenges faced by Australians.

NOTE:  If your Postal Code is outside of the Greater New York Area, or your phone number contains a “+61” you are ineligible for this initiative.  Also, if your LinkedIn profile has you listed outside of the Greater New York Area, you are ineligible for this initiative.  Submitting an ineligible application, or an application that is deliberately inaccurate, may have you permanently blacklisted from this initiative.

About The Australian Community

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and its Mission is to connect Australian living in the United States through social. professional and charitable initiatives.

All contributions are fully tax deductible under Section 170 of the IRS Code. The Australian Community is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.