Community Job Fair v2.8

If you are an Australian in the U.S., and you are seeking full time employment, we may have good news!

Our Community Job Fair has seen its first upgrade for 2020: v2.5 to v2.8. This is part of the twelve point plan outlined in our recent article highlighting the challenges Australian Job Seekers will face with new legislation that will remove Australia’s exclusive access to the E-3 visa.

The goal of our Community Job Fair is to increase the number of Australians who successfully apply for E-3 visas through education, and giving employers better access to Australian job seekers in the United States.  By extending components of our Community Job Fair, we can raise the number of Australians who successfully find work, and thereby reduce the number of E-3 visas that go unused.

One major hurdle we have overcome is assisting Australians explain the E-3 visa to a prospective employer.  The video below was recorded by Zjantelle Cammisa Markel, a U.S. Immigration attorney who is also an Australian.

This video was first published early in 2019 in Chapter 17 of our book Moving to the US for Aussies.  The book has received over 100,000 downloads, and not only provides information on finding work, but also guidance to overcoming many of the challenges facing Australians who are living and working in the United States.

When an employer or recruiter contacts The Australian Community seeking a specific candidate who matches your resume/profile, you will first be contacted to discuss the role before your information is forwarded.

Your privacy has always been our priority, and the same applies to our Community Job Fair initiative. You can review our Privacy Policy here.

In addition to an increase in professional events in 2020, Community Job Fair v2.8 increases employers access to highly qualified Australians who are on the ground; from from hundreds, to thousands. These Australians are either actively or passively seeking work.

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