The Top Five Reasons to Join our Board of Directors!

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) US Public Charity and our Mission is to connect Australians living in the US through Social, Professional and Charitable initiatives.

We are expanding our Board of Directors to three women and two men to not only accurately reflect the demographics of our organization, but each Director will be an advocate for the five industries that represent 85% of our members to ensure our programs are not skewed to one profession.

Below are the Top Five reasons for joining our Board of Directors.

#5: When it comes to connecting Australians (actually) living in the US, we are Number One.

Exclude social media, and over the past seven years we have assisted almost 6,000 Australian men and women overcome many of the challenges faced by expats living and working in New York and the broader US.

We currently connect more than 1,000 members to what is now the largest Australian private knowledgebase in North America, with more than two dozen Groups covering Accounting to Visas.

#4: No other Public Charity provides more Australian social and professional connections.

For anyone who has moved to a new country, there is more to it than finding a job, a mover and an apartment.  Our book “Moving to the US for Aussies”, in conjunction with our private network, is the most comprehensive resource for accessing ethical professional advice for Australians living in the US.

Australians are a social species, so our monthly social and professional events provide a relaxed atmosphere to meet other Australians living in New York.

In conjunction with our Mentoring initiative, our monthly programs provide a solid platform to make  professional connections, as well as meet new friends.

#3: We are recognizing more Australian Artists.

Our commitment to the Arts is more than apparent through our annual Creative Challenge Art Competition, as well as the recognition of Australian performing artists through our annual Joeys presentation.  These awards demonstrate our Public Charity’s recognition of creative Australians living in the US.

#2: We support other 501(c)(3) Public Charities

Charity may begin at home, but we all live in the US.  Our commitment to supporting other US charities through our #KoalaGiving program highlights the philanthropic nature of Australians, and is key to show that our citizens are giving back to the broader US community.

#1: It is a Commitment to assisting your fellow Australian

The “Spirit of Mateship” is a key factor in delivering success within our organization.  Australians have an innate sense of duty when it comes to helping others, and annual events such as our September Flag Raising Ceremony is an opportunity for all Australians to gather and reflect on what it means to be an Australian living in the US. 

Next Steps:

If you are an Australian living in New York, and our social, professional and charitable initiatives not only resonate with you, but you have a desire to improve and expand those initiatives, then The Australian Community wants to hear from you!

We have two open positions for Directors, and we will be electing a Vice-President.  The term is for one year and Directors can stand for reelection each year.

We are sensitive to the demands on your time, so our Board utilizes innovative technology to communicate and collaborate without the need for in-person meetings.

Volunteers and Corporate Giving welcome!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to assist with our social media, event planning, or you would like to donate pro-bono hours to our charity, you can also use the form to tell us how you would like to contribute

If your corporation has a Giving program we would also like to hear from you.

All submissions will be contacted within 24 hours.