Kitty Flanagan Has a New Book!

488 Rules for Life: The Thankless Art of Being Correct released in the U.S. on October 27, 2020

Kitty Flanagan has a new book. Despite what Jordan Peterson says, there are more than 12 rules for life . . . a lot more. Thankfully, you now have this witty guide to remedy every annoying little thing society throws at you.

12 rules for life…I’ve got heaps more than that!

Kitty Flanagan

The Interview

James Boland, President of The Australian Community in New York interviews Kitty Flanagan on the U.S. release of her book: 488 Rules for Life – The Thankless Art of Being Correct.

  • 0:54 How did the concept for this book come about?
  • 2:12 What do you hope to achieve with the book?
  • 2:49 The “New York Minute”, and Rule 116: Always Be Ready!
  • 3:19 What are some of the funniest changes you had to make?
  • 3:59 Are there any new rules you would like to add or existing rules you’d like to amend?
  • 5:17 Your bio mentions that you are a bit of a soup enthusiast. Tell us—what’s your favorite soup and do you have a recipe?

Where can I buy a copy in the U.S.?

Firstly, Kitty’s book in on sale from October 27, 2020 and you can pre order at: Andrews McMeel Publishing…

Click the image to order Kitty’s book Now!

It’s Others who need help!

Most importantly, 488 Rules for Life is not a self-help book, because it’s not you who needs help—it’s other people. Whether they’re walking and texting, asphyxiating you on public transport with their noxious perfume cloud, or leaving one useless square of toilet paper on the roll, people just don’t know the rules.
But now, thanks to Australian comedian Kitty Flanagan’s comprehensive guide to modern behavior, our world will soon be a much better place. A place where people don’t ruin the fruit salad by putting banana in it . . . where your co-workers respect your olfactory system and refrain from reheating their fish curry in the office microwave . . . where middle-aged men don’t have ponytails.
What started as a joke on Kitty Flanagan’s popular segment on ABC TV’s The Weekly, is now a quintessential reference book with the power to change society. Or, at least, make it a bit less irritating.

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Its Mission is to connect Australian living in the United States through social, professional and charitable initiatives.

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Repatriating to Australia: The Survey

Many are wondering “Who, and How Many” Australians in New York are repatriating to Australia due to COVID-19.

So are we, which is why we have conducted the largest survey of Global Australians who are repatriating to Australia from New York. All surveys are completely private, and none of the data reveals the personal information of any individual member.

This is a follow up to a smaller survey we completed in 2018, and part of a larger survey we completed over August and September 2020 to understand the needs of our members, peri and post COVID-19.

In total, 392 Australians were surveyed, and the data is below.

Australian Repatriation During COVID

Australian repatriation during COVID is a complex decision. Australians therefore need to consider the many complexities before leaving the United States.

Do I Stay or Do I Go? may be the lyrics from a popular song, but COVID-19 has accelerated many Australians’ plans for repatriation. Flights to Australia and Australian quarantine are certainly top of mind for many, but they are not the considerations.

In the final chapter of our Book Moving to the US for Aussies we discuss a number of complexities facing Australians considering Repatriation. They include Finance, Taxation, reestablishing Australian residency, flights, quarantine and the Australian job market. All need to be considered before any repatriation decision is made.

Most importantly, whether it is due to sick relatives, loss of work, or concerns about child education, what may have been on the back burner, can now be top of mind due to the impact of COVID-19. Others who saw repatriation as a long term goal, may now be formulating a strategy given a worst case scenario. Some simply want to get all of the facts.

The Australian Community has just completed teh largest survey of Australian Ex-Pats who have recently repatriated from New York. You can review all of the data in this article.

Returning to Australia could be a permanent solution to a temporary challenge. Our goal is to aggregate as much information as possible for Australians before they make that decision.

Communication is Key

Livestreams are a great way to ask experts questions on important topics. However, rather than having dozens of folks asking questions live, we gave our members the opportunity (and anonymity) to ask our subject matter experts ahead of time. Their questions have been aggregated with others and assembled in a series of videos, posted to our YouTube channel.

If you are an Australian considering repatriation during COVID 19, the videos below answer some of common questions. More videos are planned, and will be added to our channel, and this article, as they are posted.

The discussions in the videos are not to be construed as Financial, Legal or Tax advice. You should seek the advice of a professional before making any financial decisions.

Financial Considerations for Australians Departing the US.

Tony Kofkin, Founder and Managing Partner of Kofkin Bond and Co. outlines some of his Clients’ repatriation experience.

Airline and Australian Flights Update

We speak with Jamal Shah who is an Air Expert with Liberty Travel. Jamal discusses the challenges many Australians are facing in securing travel, airfare, comparing flights to Australia, quarantine and strategies for booking international travel.

Tax Considerations for Australians Departing the US. VIDEO PENDING

A conversation with tax experts from a US Accounting Firm discuss the tax challenges facing Australians considering repatriation.

australian repatriation covid 19

The Final Decision.

Making the move back to Australia should be a decision based on logic and not fear. However, given the time constraint of available airline flights, if you are seriously considering returning to Australia in the short term, the window of opportunity is closing.

You are one of the growing number of expats who are simply packing a bag. If you leave without settling financial obligations, you may face an entirely new set of challenges.

The Australian Community’s private Yammer social network gives members access to ethical, professional advice from qualified tax, legal and finance professionals.

Here is the link again to read the largest survey of Australians Repatriating from New York.

About The Australian Community

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Its Mission is to connect Australian living in the United States through social, professional and charitable initiatives.

All contributions are fully tax deductible under Section 170 of the IRS Code. The Australian Community is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.

Applying for an E3 Visa or Visa Renewal?

Applying for an E3 visa is not the same as it was in 2019. Therefore having access to professional advice is essential to understanding the many pitfalls that have arisen in applying for an E3 visa, and other visas during COVID-19.

For a number of years we have been publishing data from the Department of Homeland Security on Australian visas approvals including the E3 visa.  As a result, this information answered a persistent question buzzing around on social media:  “Has anyone recently applied for an E3 at [INSERT CONSULATE NAME]?”.

COVID-19 however, has had a devastating impact on our lives, and disrupted U.S. Consular appointments Globally. Most importantly, past information on which U.S. Consulates are “best” for visa approvals can no longer be relied upon.  Further, The Australian Community has been working with experts to keep our members up to date on where new visa appointments are available, as well as strategies for those who are looking to to renew their existing visas.

The charts below show total number of E-3 visas issues Globally, as well as which U.S. Consulates are issuing visas.  Very importantly, travel is now a major factor in obtaining a visa.  Flights, as we know, have been severely limited to Australia, and the expense may be prohibitive.  Choosing which Consulate to apply for your E-3 visa is no longer just a factor of securing an appointment, but travel and quarantine considerations need to be factored into your decision process. 

Global E-3, E-3D and E-3R Approvals by Month

Navigating the Impact of COVID-19: A Guide for E-3 visa holders.

Zjantelle Cammisa Markel is the principle of Cammisa Markel, a US immigration law firm based in NYC that specializes in the E-3 visa. Zjantelle and her team have been answering questions, and addressing the concerns of her clients during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, and its impact on the E-3 Visa holder.


Cammisa Markel has generously permitted The Australian Community to share this information with our members and followers to give you guidance on options that are available during this difficult time of COVID-19.

It is by no means intended to be used as legal advice for your particular situation. Every individual’s situation is different. If you would like to contact Cammisa Markel for legal advice and a strategy particular to your situation, please email:

Presidential Proclamation Suspending Entry of Non-Immigrants and Immigrants

Zjantelle Cammisa Markel is the principle of Cammisa Markel, a U.S. Immigration law firm in NYC. Zjantelle and her team have been answering questions, and addressing the concerns of her clients post the Presidential Proclamation suspending entry of Non-Immigrants and Immigrants.


Cammisa Markel has generously permitted The Australian Community to share this information with our members and followers to give you guidance on options that are available during these challenging times.

It is by no means intended to be used as legal advice for your particular situation. Every individual’s situation is different. If you would like to contact Cammisa Markel for legal advice and a strategy particular to your situation, please email:

Presidential Proclamation

In the video below, Zjantelle Cammisa Markel discusses the impact of the Presidential Proclamation on Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas, as well as general advice for Australian expats renewing their visas during COVID-19.

How to Find and Rent your first New York Apartment without a Credit History

Possibly the greatest expat challenge for Australians moving to New York is finding their first home: Until now!

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) public charity who provides assistance to  Australians moving to America.  For Australians moving to New York, finding an apartment or buying a home, without a credit history, can be their greatest challenge.

Recent changes to New York law now prohibits Landlords asking for six or twelve months of rent in advance as a security deposit, in lieu of a good credit score.  As a result, many Australian executives in a strong cash position are no longer able to leverage this strategy when negotiating a lease with a Landlord.

Build US Credit Access Credit Cards

Build US credit is a challenge facing thousands of Australians every year who obtain work visas. One of the main challenges facing these Australian expats is how to access U.S. credit without a U.S. Credit Score.

The simple reality is that no credit score is almost the same as a bad credit score!  Thousands of Australians who arrive in the U.S. experience the frustration of how to build U.S. credit, with a zero credit history!

Save Money on FOREX!

“If there is a better way to save money on FOREX, we have not seen it!”

Do you want to save money on FOREX every time you send money overseas? There is a lot of noise about which company has the best rate on AUD to USD and USD to AUD.

Members of The Australian Community transfer millions of dollars overseas every year for business and personal needs. Therefore, based on this volume, a preferred rate on International wire transfers has been negotiated with OFX on 36 currencies!

Announcing The Australian Community Corporate Sponsorships!

In response to companies wishing to better connect with The Australian Community’s events, and expat services for their Australian employees, we have good news!

Our Corporate Membership classes promote closer engagement between sponsors and thousands of Australians in the US.  We also provide bespoke in-house seminars to educate Australian employees on overcoming the challenges facing expats living in the US.

Sponsors also receive benefits including access to our private Yammer social network, professional introductions, and complimentary tickets to our member-only events.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 20

New York in the Rear View Mirror

We have now arrived at the final chapter of our book. It is fitting that the end of our journey would discuss when is the best time to put New York (or any other U.S. city) in the rear view mirror, and head back to Australia.

This subject matter of this chapter was always going to deal with what can be an agonizing decision for many Australian expats. However with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, many Australians’ decisions whether to stay, or to go, is being fueled by fear, rather than logic.

This chapter is not intended to give specific tax or legal advice. Every situation is different, so consult with your financial advisor or Immigration attorney for professional advice specific to your circumstances.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 19

Death and Taxes

They say that there are only two things that are guaranteed in life… It is therefore surprising how few Aussie expats mitigate the later, in case of the former.

In 1978 Australia abolished its death tax. However, whether you and your spouse are a dual Australian/U.S. citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (Green Card) or Non-Resident Aliens (E-3 et al), understanding how U.S. Estate Tax will impact you in the worst case scenario is very important, yet often overlooked by Australian expats.

This article is not intended to give specific tax or legal advice. It is intended to highlight a potential expat risk that impacts Australians, as well as risk mitigation strategies. Every situation is different, so consult with your estate planner or financial advisor for professional advice specific to your circumstances.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 18

The E-3Dad

More and more we are seeing Australians relocating their families to New York and other major U.S. cities, where the wife is the E-3 visa holder. As a result, The Australian Community has observed a growing demographic:The E-3Dad.

Many E-3D visa holders are Dads who suddenly find themselves as the primary caregiver to young children and infants. Whether it is a temporary, part-time or more permanent arrangement, the E-3Dad faces a unique set of challenges.

The challenges for the E-3Dad such as finding time for the job hunt are less if the children are in school. However, for those with children under four years of age, there are some short to medium term challenges that need to be understood.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 17

Explaining the E-3 Visa to an Employer.

In any given year there are more than 200,000 applications for 65,000 available H-1B visas. For many employers this lengthy and expensive process fails to produce a work visa. As most employers’ experience when hiring non U.S. citizens is the H-1B visa, explaining why the E-3 visa is vastly different is best explained by an Immigration professional.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 16

How to get your New York State Driver License

According to New York State Law, once an Australian expat becomes a New York State resident, they have only 30 days to obtain a New York State driver license, as their Australian license is no longer valid.

At this point there are those reading this chapter who will be arguing “How will the Police know?” or “I can still rent a car with my Aussie license so why bother?”

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 15

Are you Smarter than an Immigration Attorney?

There is no shortage of people on Social Media who think they are smarter than an Immigration attorney.  They are regular contributors to Facebook groups, and are quick to offer legal advice on visa applications, and other Immigration issues.  Unfortunately, not all of this advice is current, and in some instances, completely incorrect.

Our Yammer Private Enterprise Social Network was created to give our membership access to ethical, professional advice, content and connections.  It has become an important resource for overcoming many of the challenges facing Australian expats living and working in the US.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 14

What an Expecting Expat should Expect.

Starting a family is a big step for any prospective Australian parent.  Starting a family whilst living in the US, is going to add an additional layer of complexity – emotionally, legally and financially.

Before we drill down on this article, the topics covered clearly do not cover every scenario when it comes to starting a family in the US.  There are a plethora of needs and wants when it comes to having a child.  This article covers some of the basics, and is intended to frame some of the challenges you will face, as well as the conversations you need to discuss with your spouse and close family.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 13

Measuring the Australian Expat Continuum

In Chapter 3, we speak of the Expat Continuum.  This is a similar model to one used by corporations to measure their Capability Maturity.

The Expat Continuum has five stages:

  1. Basic
  2. Reactive
  3. Planned
  4. Aligned
  5. Integrated

A question was recently asked in a Facebook group that highlights the difference between an expat operating at Level 2 (Reactive) and another expat operating at  Level 3 (Planned).

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 12

The Top 5 Differences Australians Notice about New York.

One very famous Australian was quoted as saying “Imagine seven million people all wanting to live together. Yeah, New York must be the friendliest place on earth.”

Pre-conceptions notwithstanding, Australians who move to New York are constantly reminded of the multi faceted differences that separates Australia, and the city that never sleeps.   Here are just five of those difference Australians quickly notice.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 11

Top 10 Expat Mistakes + What NOT to post on Social Media

We all make mistakes and most of them you can walk away from with the knowledge of what not to do next time.  However, there are some Expat mistakes that you simply cannot just chalk up to experience.

The saying “She’ll be right Mate” may be endearing in Australia, but here in the US, ignorance is not an excuse.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 10

Everything you wanted to know about Expat Filing Requirements – but were afraid to ask!

Many Australians are still coming to grips with the US Tax Code as well as Expat filing requirements.  You may feel confident in filing your first E-3 visa, but first time tax filers should seek an “Australian Friendly” US accountant to make sure you have all of your bases covered.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 9

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette 

New York can be an intimidating city for any tourist.  As with any metropolis, there are certain tips and unwritten etiquette that if not followed, can leave even the most seasoned traveler suffering the ire of a New Yorker, or worse, victim of a scam.

Illustrator and New Yorker a Nathan Pyle has released a book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette that could be very helpful to Aussies arriving in New York.  Below are just a few of the animated gifs contained in the e-book and available  on Amazon and iTunes.

Definitely worth the investment!

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 7

Finding Work

The fact is that finding work in one of the most competitive cities on the planet is going to be a challenge for most Australians.  Landing in a US city with a freshly minted EAD or Green Card is only a ticket to the big league.

If you go into the game without understanding the rules or having a game plan, you will quickly start to accumulate some very unnecessary scar tissue.

Members of the Australian Community have access to resources inside our Private Social Network to assist in the job hunt.  They include our Employment and Mentoring Groups where they can make professional connections, access job resources and learn from the experience of other Australians.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 6

Local Language 101

In 1887 Oscar Wilde wrote: “We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.” This observation is very true for Australians who move to the US.

Firstly, Americans have a very different Language of Friendship which can be puzzling to an Australian.  For example when two American women first meet they may positively remark on the other’s clothing, shoes or a pocket book (hand bag) to start a conversation.

“I have that exact same Birkin.  Did you buy that here or Hermès in Paris?”  

This does not necessarily reflect materialism, rather Americans will lead with visual cues in an attempt to create an instant connection with the other person on a socioeconomic level.

Australians on the other hand will look for common personal interests to connect.  This requires conversation, and some Americans are not so comfortable in sharing personal information with a stranger.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 5

Decoding US Health Insurance

Several times in this book, we have suggested that priority should be given to overcoming challenges that effect your, Health, Liberty and Finances.  This chapter addresses the first: Health Insurance.

Whether you are accessing Health Insurance through your employer, or through your State’s Health Care Exchange (Obamacare), understanding which plan is right for your needs is dependent on your understanding a very different Health Care system.

To enlighten the reader, and demystify some of the nomenclature, the following are important terms and concepts that will make navigating the U.S. healthcare system less complicated.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 4

The Inconvenient Truth

Australians have a capacity to be direct, and a book written by Australians should be nothing less.  Think of this chapter as your friends dishing out some tough love.  They just want to be sure that you can separate fact from fiction.

Let’s first address the Elephant in the room

For those who move to the U.S. with the support of their employer, the machinations of relocating to a new city is for the most part transparent.  They arrive to a job, an apartment, and their greatest challenge may be finding their new favorite restaurant.

However, the plight of the Aussie who lands in NYC looking for work, is a very different story.  They must start from nothing and rely on savings to sustain them throughout their job search.  Their hope is that they will be gainfully employed in their sunny new apartment in six to eight weeks because they read on social media that U.S. employers are lining up to hire Aussies.

For most, the harsh reality is that finding work takes between three to six months, and their savings run out well before a second interview. This is the inconvenient truth for many Australians.

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapter 3

The Hierarchy of (Australian Expat) Needs

There is a saying:  “You do not choose New York – New York chooses you”.  There are numerous examples of Australians who arrive in the US with great expectations, yet return to Australia within a few months, shattered emotionally and financially drained.

Not having a solid plan in place before arriving in the U.S. is typically the No1 reason why Australians return home early.

In our book Moving to the US for Aussies, we discuss a check list of basic needs before moving to the United States.  By definition these are only the minimum requirements, and only the first step in what can be a lengthy and for some, a painful process.

In many of these cases, it is either a sense of isolation from family and friends, or failing to be adequately prepared for a very different New York from what they expected.

This book assumes that you are not moving to the US just to survive:  You are here to be successful, to compete against the world’s best in your field.

New York is a process and having the basics in place is only the first step.  Typically, Australians take around  eighteen months to feel relatively comfortable that they have all of their bases covered; but what if there was a way to do it in less than 90 days?

Moving to the US for Aussies: Chapters 1&2

Chapter 1: Surviving the first 30 days

COVID-19 Preface

COVID-19 has caused immeasurable hardships and created havoc for International travelers.  Much of the content in this book assumes that we are not in the midst of a Global Pandemic.

Rather than remove content for this second edition, we retained the content as there are still Australians who are successfully obtaining Green Cards and visas, and moving to the U.S..

Pre-Flight Check List

Just as your pilot runs through a check list before heading down the runway, you too must create a check list to ensure that when you arrive at your destination, you will have a smooth landing.

Below are some items that should be on your personal check list.

Moving to the US for Aussies


The Australian Community is a non-profit organization.  We provide valuable expat services to tens of thousands of Australians living in New York and other cities in the USA.

Moving to the US for Aussies is designed to assist Aussies moving to America from Australia gain an insight into expat life in the USA.

Rather than relying on the individual experience of self proclaimed experts, our book Moving to the US for Aussies is the culmination of years knowledge captured from the collective experiences of thousands of Australian members of our non-profit organization.

Black Lives Matter to Australians

The Black Lives Matter movement is resonating with many of our members and Australian corporations here in the United States. The Australian Community is therefore taking an active role in fundraising to help overcome Inequality.

The money raised will go to conditional grants supporting Education and Mentoring programs that assist disadvantaged high school students; because Black Lives Matter to Australians.

In 2011 The Australian Community established an Education program as part of its 501(c)(3) charitable activities. As a result, our Education program has supported charities here in New York. Specifically, charities that provide mentoring and after school activities for disadvantaged high school students.

In 2016 The Australian Community began engaging with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. In 2020 A.I.M.E. is now actively mentoring black high school students in New York. Through its highly effective mentoring program, more disadvantaged high school students can graduate, and go onto College.

Australian Businesses in New York, and their COVID-19 Response: Blonde + Co

There are dozens of Australian businesses in New York.  COVID-19 has impacted them all, some more than others.

We want our readers to learn about these Australian businesses in New York, their Founders, and the strategies they are employing to weather COVID-19 and prepare for the New Economy.

We spoke with Julie Stahl, Founder and CEO of Blonde + Co via ZOOM to learn more about this Australian Business in New York.

Watch the video below for the full interview.

Australians Living in New York v4.8

For a number of years we have been publishing data on Australians living in New York and the broader U.S.. This report highlights data from the Departments of Homeland Security and State.

Given the past growth in the number of Australians living in New York and other large cities, a persistent question this article attempts to answer: How many Aussies are living in New York and the broader US, and how many are just visiting?

Australians entering the United States

How many Australians are living in New York?

Community Job Fair v3.0: Adapting to a New Economy!

If you are an Australian in New York, and you are seeking full time employment, we understand the challenges you are currently facing.

As part of our COVID-19 Response Initiative announced in our May Newsletter, we have expanded our Community Job Fair services to assist members quickly get back to work as the New Economy opens up.

Our Community Job Fair has seen another upgrade in 2020: From v2.8 to v3.0. This is part of the twelve point plan first outlined in an article highlighting the challenges facing Australian Job Seekers and the E-3 visa.

The video below explains the Why and How The Australian Community is working to connect highly qualified Australians with Employers and Recruiters through Community Job Fair v3.0.

COVID-19 has posed an entirely new set of headwinds for the E-3 Hopeful. More recently, those on an E-3 visa who have been terminated are facing additional challenges in not only finding work, and securing a new E-3 visa – but even remaining in the U.S.!

Our news article titled E-3 Visas and Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 offers guidance from an Immigration Attorney, and discusses a number of options specific to the E-3 visa holder. However, as the New Economy opens up, those who are on Employers’ and Recruiters’ collective radars will be first hires back into the workforce.

By extending the existing components of our Community Job Fair 2.8 to include a proactive outreach program to Employers and Recruiters, we can raise the visibility of highly qualified Australian candidates.

We anticipate that as the New Economy opens up, USCIS services and U.S. Consulates will follow. Keeping our members up to date with the most recent USCIS information will be an important component of Community Job Fair 3.0

ANZAC Day NYC 2020

ANZAC Day NYC 2020: ANZAC Day New York 2020

Our ANZAC Day NYC 2020 #ANZACDayNYC ZOOM event will featured live performances by leading Australians in New York.  This ANZAC Day NYC we are bringing together Australians in NYC and across the USA through song, poetry and reading letters from those on the front line at Gallipoli and the Somme. 

Wikipedia defines ANZAC Day as a national day of remembrance that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”.[1][2] Observed on 25 April each year, Anzac Day was originally devised to honor the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served in the Gallipoli Campaign, their first engagement in the First World War (1914–1918).

Bringing together The Australian Community at a time when Australians are experiencing isolation, is core to our Mission as a non-profit organization.  Our vision for #ANZACDayNYC 2020 is to use ZOOM to connect Australians on ANZAC Day – and not just in NYC!

Below is a replay of #ANZACDayNYC 2020

Is the “E-3 Hopeful” Australian Job Seeker an Endangered Species?

In 2018, Legislation that would allow citizens of Ireland to take up any unused E-3 visas was unanimously passed by the United States House of Representatives. However, it failed by only one vote in the Senate.  In 2019 the Legislation was reintroduced as H.R. 2877

When this Legislation becomes law, it will be a major blow to any E-3 Hopeful Australian considering a career move to the United States.

Pundits argue that the legislation preserves the annual 10,500 E-3 visas for Australians, therefore there is no downside to Aussies.  However, a deeper analysis of Immigration data reveals that like Neanderthal, the Australian E-3 Hopeful may be facing extinction, displaced by a more sophisticated species who is better adapted to finding work.

Aussie Businesses in NYC – and where to find them: Joe Bananas

There are literally dozens of Australian businesses who have opened shop in New York.  Some we know well, and others not so well.

We want our readers to learn about these businesses, where they are located, as well as share the personal stories of their owners.

We spoke with owner and designer Evan Sturrock, to learn more about the Joe Bananas’ 943 Madison Avenue location.

A Coffee and a Conversation with an Australian living in New York: Nathan Subramaniam

The Australian Community has always recognized the unique challenges faced by Australian living and working in New York, so it has recorded a Podcast series where our members discuss their personal experiences.

Below are excerpts from our conversation with Nathan.


Our expat banking and credit services with HSBC has been extended to include Home Loans.

In addition to Banking and Credit Card services, under this new program our members can finance up to 75% for a primary home, up to 70% on a second home, condo, co-op, one family etc. or finance up to 60% on an investment property – without a Social Security Number or two years of US tax returns to qualify!

This may come as good news to many Australians who have been on the fence about selling their Australian homes and purchasing US properties prior to the proposed changes to Australian Capital Gains Tax for non-residents effective June 30, 2019.

New and existing members anywhere in the US can qualify for credit and Home Loans under this HSBC program. To read more, or have a HSBC credit specialist reach out, details are on our website.

Read the latest data from the Department of Homeland Security on Australian non-immigrant visas including E-3 approvals – and denials.

For a number of years we have been publishing data on Australian visas from the Department of Homeland Security. The information is released at different times of the year, and some remarkable data has recently come to light.  Read More:

Access a better deal on FOREX through The Australian Community’s Preferred FOREX Rate.

For those members who transfer money internationally, you may not be aware of our preferred rate negotiated with OFX (OzForex). Under this referred rate, which is better than the best rate offered by TransferWise, members can transfer 36 major currencies internationally, and there is also an App.

Whether you transfer $500 or $50,000, you always get the Preferred Rate.

Many members around the US who have had to begin repaying their student loans can now access this rate to transfer payments to Australia. There is no fee to sign up, and you can immediately compare your existing FOREX service with our preferred rate to see how much you can save.  Click here to learn more and sign up is free.

ANZAC Day “Bonds of Mateship” Drinks on April 25 at Beckett’s NYC from 6:30PM to 10:00PM

ANZAC Day is just around the corner and for those who wish to attend the Dawn Service hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Consulate-Generals, you can find the information here.

The Australian Community will also be hosting an informal gathering at Beckett’s in the Historic Stone Street District from 6:30PM on ANZAC Day. Bringing together Australians in the “Bonds of Mateship” is core to our organization, and a great way to celebrate the ANZAC spirit in the US.

There will be a cash bar, food will be available to order and there is no cover.

Please reach out if our organization can assist you with any of your social, professional and charitable goals here in the US.

A Coffee and a Conversation with an Australian living in New York: Kathleen Simmonds

The Australian community has always recognized the unique challenges faced by our women members, and has recorded a Podcast series discussing some of those challenges. 

Below are excerpts from our conversation with Kathleen.

Kathleen Simmonds is an Actor and Producer, and joins us for a coffee and a conversation in New York.

#KoalaGiving: Spreading the #SlipSlopSlap Message

The latest published CDC data shows that 8,882 new Melanoma cases were reported in NYC and Long Island, of whom, 1,015 died.  In 2019 The Australian Community is working to encourage New Yorkers to get screened for Skin Cancer.

#KoalaGiving is The Australian Community’s charitable initiative where Australians have the opportunity to give back to the broader New York community.  Since its inception, it has help raise thousands of dollars for other charities including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Bowery Mission and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

For the past four years #KoalaGiving has raised money for MSKCC through Cycle for Survival.  C4S has also served as a platform for The Australian Community to raise awareness of skin cancer.   However, as C4S now focusses on funding rare cancers, and skin cancer is not a rare cancer, in 2019 we are raising money to directly fund our own #SlipSlopSlap campaign.

May is Skin Cancer Prevention Month and major Hospitals and clinics including MSKCC, Cornell, Columbia and Presbyterian Hospitals are providing free skin cancer screenings to the public. The more people who know of these free screenings, and the need to get screened, the more lives that potentially can be saved.

According to the CDC, there were a total of 8,882 annual new cases of Melanoma diagnosed in NYC and Long Island, of whom, 1,015 died.

Aussie Cafés in NY – and where to find them: Village Coffee and Goods

Visitors to this site will know that since 2017 we have featured a number of Australian cafés in our posts. Most are located in the City, but one Aussie Café is located in Upstate New York.

Considering this is the time of year when New Yorkers are preparing to head north on 87 to visit a tree farm or embark on a ski trip, we spoke with Anthea and Mark who opened Village Coffee and Goods in Kingston, NY.

Anthea White and Mark Palmer are accomplished musicians from Sydney, Australia, who have moved to Kingston by way of Brooklyn.

Purchase Tickets for the University of Queensland Rugby Benefit Dinner featuring Mark, Gary and Glen Ella

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the University of Queensland Benefit Dinner,  and they have a special rugby treat…the amazing Ella brothers. Yes, all three…Mark, Gary and Glen will be amongst the featured legends!

During the 80s, the Ellas’ mesmerizing combination of skill and ability was arguably the most exciting thing to ever come to club, state and international rugby.  Mark, Gary and Glen had honed their years of backyard footy in the inner suburbs of Sydney into a magical formula that saw them all represent Australia at both schoolboy and senior Wallaby level.

10 Reasons to Connect with our Yammer Private Enterprise Social Network

The challenges that face Australians living in New York and the broader U.S., are constantly evolving.  The Australian Community Yammer private enterprise social network is the perfect platform to access, and share knowledge with other Australians no matter where they are living in America!

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) registered public charity whose mission is to connect Australians through social, professional and charitable initiatives.  Since its inception in 2011, we have assisted tens of thousands of Australians overcome the challenges of living in New York and other states across America.

Cheer for Australia in the Dodgeball World Cup in NYC!

The Australian Dodgeroos will be playing at Madison Square Garden on Saturday August 4, in the 2018 World Dodgeball Cup.  Watch the Australia Women’s team defend their World Cup title!

The Australian Dodgeroos will be competing in the Men’s, Mixed and Women’s Divisions. The Men’s and Mixed Dodgeroos teams will be competing for the top spot.  Games start at 10:30 AM.

How to open a Bank Account and Access U.S. Credit – Even before you arrive in the U.S.!

It is a known fact that thousands of Australians obtain Green Cards and U.S. work visas every year.  Most have a credit card, and some have mortgages on their Australian property.

However, one of the main challenges facing these Australian expats every year is how to open a Bank account, let alone access U.S. credit without a U.S. Credit Score.

Solution: Members of The Australian Community can access HSBC's expat banking solutions for opening bank accounts, credit cards and event expat home loans!

Bank Accounts and Credit Cards:

Some credit card companies will issue Australians with a U.S. credit card, to assist them build a credit score.  However, credit cards are only half of the banking equation: You also need a U.S. bank account for money transfers and day to day banking needs.

The Australian Community recognized this challenge and in 2012 introduced a program where Australians arriving in the U.S. can open bank accounts and obtain a U.S. credit card through HSBC's Premier and Advance expat platforms, even if they were not existing customers and without a Social Security Number.

For members in Australia who are on the way, they can open a local account with HSBC and then receive a U.S. credit card to use, and build a credit history, before they arrive in the United States.

This is a unique program to access a U.S. credit card and start building a U.S. credit score.

Home Mortgages:

Under this program our members can also access US Home Loans even if they do not have the 2 year work or credit history or a Social Security Number!.

  • HSBC may finance up to 75% for a primary home, cash out up to 70%
  • HSBC may finance up to 70%, as a second home, condo, co-op, one family etc, cash out up to 65%
  • HSBC may finance up to 60% on an investment property

For those members who have not yet left Australia, you can obtain a US credit card before you arrive in the US and thereby build a US credit score through your daily purchases in Australia!

These programs are being managed by our HSBC Relationship Managers in New York.  You can use the form below to have a Senior Relationship Manager or Mortgage Consultant contact you with all of the details.

Assisting our members overcome the challenges of living in the US is core our Mission.  Providing a way for our members to not only access credit in the US, but to build a US credit score whilst still in Australia makes perfect sense, and is an added value to joining our organization.

Building a credit score while still in Oz is a convenient credit offering from HSBC. Also if you are looking to purchase a property in the U.S. and you do not have a credit history, HSBC is geared to help expats get a mortgage.

At the end of the day it is personal choice and which bank offers you the best service, interest rate etc. is best decided by doing your own due diligence.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX):

If you are transferring money between Australia and the U.S. (or any of more than 30 countries), check out the preferred rate that The Australian Community has negotiated with OFX (formerly OzForex).  Click here to see how much money you could be saving over your existing Bank or online FOREX service.

Please complete the form below to be contacted by a HSBC representative to discuss your credit needs. 

New York in the Rear View Mirror:  An Australian’s Perspective.  (Part 3)

Over the past seven years, The Australian Community has connected over 5,800 Australians living in New York.  We reached out to members who have returned home, and asked them to share their perspective on living in NYC and their transition back to Australia.

What advice would you give to Aussies contemplating the move to NYC?