Below are the Top 5 reasons why thousands of Australian E-Pats connect with The Australian Community in America.

Diving into the deepest end of the most shark-infested pool on the planet may be a risky decision when it comes to taking your career to the next level.  However, without a professional or social lifeline, Australians living in America will face some serious challenges. Australian Community in America.

#5 We are a Non-Profit:

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, revenue is reinvested into funding our member programs, as well as social and professional events.

Individual membership is $45 per year, Spousal membership is $80 per year.

If you are interested in a Corporate Membership you can click here to learn more.

Many Australians connect with our organization to give back by sharing their knowledge and experience with other members.

If you are an Australian living in America, applying for membership is as simple as completing the form on this page! As we are a U.S. Public Charity, all donations are tax-deductible.

#4 Professional Connections:

With thousands of Australian connections in the United States, our organization can introduce you to other Australians who are important to growing your business, or who can assist with advancing your career.

It is especially important for Job Seekers to connect with Advocates who can assist with understanding the work culture of their company, or share how they found work in America .

#3 In-Person and Virtual Events:

Let’s be real, we did not move to the U.S. for the bagels.  Most Australians are here to challenge themselves and see how well they compete in one of the world’s toughest markets.

As a member, you always receive invitations to special events. Further members receive complimentary access to events that non-members pay to attend.

As we are a National organization, not everyone can attend an In-Person Event. We often host virtual events that focus on specific challenges facing ex-pats or feature an Australian Short Film with interviews with the Filmmaker.

These events are always complimentary for our members to attend.

#2 Access to Member Programs and Discounts:

The real value of membership to an Ex-pat organization is rarely measured in dollars and cents.  However, not only does The Australian Community provide soft value through social and professional connections, but also access to a suite of products and services offered by our Corporate Members.

Our members can now register through a special link and access a preferred rate on their international wire transfers!  This is a much deeper discount than OFX’s standard rate, and it is one of the best rates available in the market.

It is also saving members thousands of dollars each year on personal and business money transfers over other FOREX services.

For those looking to travel to Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is offering a 5% discount to our members on travel to and from Australia via Hawaii, direct from JFK, as well as flights from other US cities. Australian Community in America.

Other member benefits include access to a Free U.S. Will.

#1 You become a Member of The Australian Community in America:

New York has a long history of nationalities banding together to overcome social and professional challenges.  In part, The Australian Community performs this function.

By supporting The Australian Community through membership, it ensures that we continue providing services to Australians who moving to, or are living in the United States. You are welcome to explore our services, and you can use the form below to join The Australian Community.

Before you send money Overseas!

Use this Currency Converter to gauge how much money you could save over your existing FOREX service by accessing The Australian Community’s Preferred OFX Rate.

Currencies can fluctuate by the minute. This Converter is indicative of the Preferred OFX Rate at this time.

However, once you register and access our Preferred OFX Rate, you will see the current converted rate, and the converted amount before making your transfer.

Join The Community!

After you submit the form below, you will be automatically redirected to our Store, where you have the option of purchasing your membership using our secure online payment system.

About The Australian Community

Founded in 2011, we connect more Australians in America.

If you are a professional Australian taking your career to the next level, or the U.S. is the next step in your company’s global expansion, we can connect you to all of the resources you need for success in America.

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