How We Save you Valuable Time and Money.

The Benefits

If you are an Australian living in or about to move to America, you are in the right place!

You feel that the sooner you connect with the right immigration, accounting, banking, and finance professionals, the sooner you will attain your U.S. social and professional goals.

Are you are seeking employment and you are looking to connect with an advocate who can assist you understand more about the culture of the organization? Perhaps you are looking for how to get a job in america from Australia?

You have spent hours of scrolling through social media content looking for the right answer to your questions, only to be confused by conflicting information.

You are being asked to give money to individuals for their advice on topics such as immigration, but are they and their information trustworthy?

Joining the Australian Community gives you an unparalleled level of connection to industry professionals and knowledge. Further supporting our non-profit organization ensures that your membership goes directly to support our social, professional, and charitable initiatives.

Have a Question for our AI, Joey?

Over the past decade, we have amassed the most extensive private Australian knowledge base in America. This knowledge can now be accessed through our AI Assistant, Joey.

Anyone can easily ask Joey questions on Topics and Conversations with answers based on the knowledge of thousands of Australians in America. Give it a try!

The Best FOREX Rate?

Our Preferred Rate on Currency Exchange ensures you have access to what may well be the best publicly available FOREX rate. Our Preferred Rate saves money every time you exchange AUD to USD or one of the dozens of other foreign currencies.

See how much money you could be saving when you check out our Currency Converter!

Finding Work

For more than a decade, our organization has assisted Australians in finding work in America. Our organization directly connects members to recruiters and potential Advocates within U.S. companies.

Our educational videos give insights into navigating the U.S. job market and best practices for finding employment.

Virtual & In-Person Events

Do you want to make new Australian professional and social connections? 

Our organization connects you with other like-minded Australians living in the United States.

Create a U.S. Will for Free!

It is not a subject many like to discuss, but not having a U.S. Will can be highly problematic for ex-pats – especially those with children.

The good news is that The Australian Community has negotiated a partnership with FreeWill, an online service that anyone now can use to create a U.S. Will for free. It only takes about 20 minutes!

Member Discounts

Our Corporate Members offer products and services valuable to the thousands of Australian executives who comprise our membership.

Corporate Members post special offers for our members either through email or exclusively to the Member Discounts Community inside our private network.

Existing offers include a 5% discount on Hawaiian Airlines flights to Australia with a free stopover in Hawaii (excluding Blackout dates).

Ex-Pat Mortgages & Tax

As an Australian Ex-pat living in the U.S., filing your property tax returns, or even applying for a mortgage in Australia can be a daunting process. Having a reliable expert on hand can make all the difference.

Connect with our YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up with Immigration and Taxation updates, Community Events, and professional ex-pat advice. 

Be entertained by our short films, and hear #thoughtleadership from Australian CEOs on navigating the challenges of running a U.S. business.

The challenge for an Australian lawyer who recently passed the NY Bar exam is finding a public charity with the legal resources to provide a supervising attorney.

Our Pro Bono program for Australian Lawyers is 100% virtual and designed to meet the New York State Court of Appeals 22 NYCRR§ 520.16 – The 50-hour Pro Bono Requirement for admission to the New York State Bar.

Concierge Services

Membership includes a 1:1 discussion on your Ex-Pat needs and connects you to the right professionals.

Perhaps you are seeking employment, and you need to discuss best practices for finding work or need professional introductions.

How much does Membership Cost?

Individual Membership is $45 and includes:

  • Three Personal Introductions to other members of the Community.
  • Access to our Preferred FOREX Rate.
  • Member discounts on products and services.
  • Monthly member emails.
  • Connections to Australian cultural events.

Spousal Membership is $80 and includes two Individual Memberships

I wish to join The Australian Community