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The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and our Mission is to connect Australians living in the United States through Social, Professional and Charitable initiatives.

Our Yammer Enterprise Social Network is now the largest private Australian knowledgebase in the United States and assist our members overcome many of the challenges of living in the US.

Our Privacy Policy ensures that members' personal information is never shared with third parties, not even the Australian Government.

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News, Articles & Knowledge

As a Non-Profit Organization, our Mission includes publicly sharing much of the collective knowledge of our organization through this website.  However, our main knowledgebase is contained within our Private Network.

Membership not only accesses this knowledge, but also our private events which are complimentary to members.

#OzDayNYC Black Tie Awards 1/26/2019

Our commitment to supporting the Arts includes our #OzDayNYC Black Tie Awards, aka "The Joeys".

#OzDayNYC will be held on Saturday, January 26th, 2019 at Pier A in NYC.  For more information and to purchase tickets you can visit the event page.

Attend our Monthly Events

Our monthly social gatherings and professional networking events are an opportunity for Australians to meet in New York and share their experience.

Save on Foreign Exchange

Our Members transfer millions of dollars every year for business and personal needs.  Based on this volume, a preferred rate on FOREX transfers has been negotiated with OFX (OzFOREX)

If there is a better Foreign Exchange rate out there, we have not seen it!

Quickly Access US Credit - even from Australia!

One of the main challenges facing thousands of Australians moving to the US is how to access US credit, and begin to build a US Credit Score.

The Australian Community has introduced a program where Aussies can quickly access US credit - even before they arrive in the US!

Connect with our Private Knowledgebase

Powered by Microsoft Yammer, The Australian Community has built the largest private Australian knowledgebase in the United States.

It connects our members through more than thirty private groups based on Industry, Interest and Location.  From Accounting to Visas, New York to LA!

Moving to the US for Aussies

Have you ever wondered if USCIS handed out a book to anyone arriving in the US on a work visa on all of the traps for young players, how much of an asset it would be?

Well, wonder no more because The Australian Community is producing a book “Moving to the US for Aussies”

Connect with our Mentoring Initiative

Our Mentoring Initiative inside our private social network assists Australians living in New York who are looking to kick their career into high gear.

It's no secret that moving up the corporate ladder in the US is 50% what you know and 50% who you know!

Our Charitable Mission

As a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, The Australian Community supports other charitable organizations whose mission aligns with ours.

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