We would like to welcome EFPR Group as a Silver Sponsor of The Australian Community.

Whether you are the CEO of an Australian corporation opening operations in the United States, or working in America on a non-immigrant visa, choosing an accounting firm for IRS filings and other expat tax services is one of your most important decisions.

In addition to the IRS requiring a USA tax return, the IRS requires certain US information filings such as FBAR, that may include Superannuation and other financial accounts held in Australia. Having an Accountant who understands these and broader tax issues such as double taxation and dual citizenship, is essential for Australian expats living in the USA to correctly complete their annual IRS tax return.

We took time to record an interview with members of EFPR’s International Tax Group to speak to some of the expat tax services they provide. If you are looking for a new firm to handle your US tax filing and reporting requirements for the IRS, this video may assist with your due diligence process.

We spoke with Kevin Hill, Richele Sharn and Scott Buckley of EFPR’s International Tax Group.  EFPR Group is an Accounting firm of CPAs expat tax services across the United States, and Internationally.

Highlights of the interview:

  • 00:00 Introductions to the International Tax Team
  • 01:05 How EFPR became an “Australian Friendly” Accounting Firm.
  • 02:26 Why expat tax planning prior to arriving in the U.S. is important.
  • 03:38 EFPR Group vs Storefront Tax Preparer
  • 05:05 What are some of the typical mistakes Australians make with their U.S. taxes?
  • 08:24 FBAR filings and Superannuation: What if I am delinquent in my filing?
  • 10:08 Repatriation: Some important tax considerations.
  • 12:01 The HEART Act and its tax impact on Green Card holders and U.S. Citizens who relinquish citizenship.
  • 14:41 How a team approach can benefit you the client.
  • 17:25 Why having U.S. and Australian Wills are essential for Australian expats.
  • 19:19 EFPR Expat Tax Guides – available for download.

You can visit EFPR Group’s website at https://efprgroup.com to learn more about their expat tax services, or you can contact EFPR Group via email: itax@efprgroup.com or call Eric Hostetter on +1 585 340 5186.

If you would like to learn more about our Corporate Sponsorship program, click here for details.

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