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Do you want to save every time you transfer money internationally? There is a lot of noise about which company has the best rate on international wire transfers.

Members of our organization transfer millions of dollars overseas every year for business and personal needs. Therefore, based on this volume, a preferred currency exchange rate on international wire transfers has been negotiated with OFX for multiple currencies!

Use this Currency Converter to gauge how much money you could save over your existing FOREX service by accessing The Australian Community’s Preferred OFX Rate.

Currencies can fluctuate by the minute. This Converter is indicative of the Preferred OFX Rate at this time.

Once you register and access our Preferred OFX Rate, you will see the rate, and the converted amount before making your transfer.

“If you are using a Bank to tranfer money overseas, you are most likely paying way too much in fees!”

How to Access our Preferred Exchange Rate!

1. Open a FREE Account

Use the above link to register, verify, and access The Australian Community’s Preferred FOREX Rate with OFX.

2. Send your funds

Enter your recipient details and use BPay or electronic Bank Transfer to send your money.

However, cash, credit cards, cheques, or bank drafts are not accepted.

3. Track the Transfer

Track your transfer online or via the app. Most transfers are delivered within 24 hours!

There is a small commission in our rate which is the difference between the Spot or Market Rate. However, if you compare our rates to your current FOREX Service, you can see how much money you could be saving! We always recommend you do your Due Diligence before making any financial transaction.

Currency Exchange Comparison.

Most importantly, we regularly compare The Australian Community’s preferred rate. Below is an example of transferring $1,000.00 USD to AUD, with leading Banks.

Judge for yourself how much money you could be saving!

Spot Rate USD AUD:1.513652
Our Preferred OFX Rate$1,503.90 (incl. of all fees)
OFX Public Rate$1,480.00
Chase Bank$1,469.90
Commonwealth Bank$1,451.59
Westpac Bank$1,446.58
Bank of America$1,432.05
Royal Bank of Canada$1,426.05
The snapshot was taken on 3/11/2024 at 11:51 am

Register (it’s FREE), and you can access our preferred currency exchange rate and start saving money!

If you are an existing OFX customer, email [email protected] to associate your account with our Preferred Rate.

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