Applying for an E3 Visa or Visa Renewal?

Having access to professional advice is essential to understanding the many pitfalls in applying for an E-3 visa and International travel during COVID-19.

Applying for an E3 visa is not the same as it was in 2019. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our lives and disrupted US Consulate appointments for US visas for Australians. Most importantly, past information on which USA Embassy is “best” for visa approvals can no longer be relied upon. 

New and proposed USCIS changes to the E3 visa seem to be happening weekly.  Therefore, you must understand how these changes effect applying for an E3 visa or other US visas for Australians at US Consulates. 

The Australian Community has been working with experts to keep our members up to date on where new E3 visa appointments are available at which USA Embassy.  Further, we highlight travel strategies for those applying for an E3 visa and renewing existing US visas for Australians.

If ever there is a time to rely upon experts, now is the time. As the below videos will explain, what may have been a simple process pre COVID-19, is now complex, and a wrong move could have irreparable consequences.

Australians Living in New York v4.9

For a number of years we have been publishing data on Australians living in America, with a focus on New York. This report highlights data from the Departments of Homeland Security and State.

If you are wondering how many Australians are living in New York and the broader United States, and how many are just visiting, this article will attempt to answer some of your questions.

Australian Citizens Entering the United States on an I-94

australians living in new york

5 reasons why the E3 visa is not going away anytime soon.

Since the new Administration has signaled sweeping changes to the US’s policy on immigration, The Australian Community has been approached by many of its members who are concerned that the E3 visa may be abolished.

Clearly they are concerned about the potential economic and social impact that this will have on thousands of Australians living and working in the US.