Applying for an E3 Visa or Visa Renewal?

Applying for an E3 visa is not the same as it was in 2019. Therefore having access to professional advice is essential to understanding the many pitfalls that have arisen in applying for an E3 visa, and other visas during COVID-19.

For a number of years we have been publishing data from the Department of Homeland Security on Australian visas approvals including the E3 visa.  As a result, this information answered a persistent question buzzing around on social media:  “Has anyone recently applied for an E3 at [INSERT CONSULATE NAME]?”.

COVID-19 however, has had a devastating impact on our lives, and disrupted U.S. Consular appointments Globally. Most importantly, past information on which U.S. Consulates are “best” for visa approvals can no longer be relied upon.  Further, The Australian Community has been working with Immigration experts to keep our members up to date on where new visa appointments are available, as well as strategies for those who are looking to to renew their existing visas.

The chart below gives some indication of how few U.S. Consulates are open for business. Therefore, if you are applying for an E3 visa or renewal, visas are being issued in Australia, and other Consulates such as Mexico and Caribbean nations.  However, the vast majority of visa approvals are either mail-in visas, or emergency appointments. If you are in the situation where the former visa options are not available to you, it could be some months before your visa appointment is not pushed back, again!


August Video Updates:

Below are a series of videos that provide important visa updates, more are available on our YouTube Channel. Further, they outline strategies for obtaining a new visa, or renew an existing visa. These videos cover important topics including where visas are being approved. However, details are changing on an almost daily basis.

If ever there is a time to rely upon the expertise of an Immigration attorney, now is the time. As these videos will explain, what may have been a simple process pre COVID-19, is now complex, and a wrong move could have irreparable consequences.

We recorded these videos with Zjantelle Cammisa Markel, a U.S. Immigration attorney based in NYC. These videos cover topics such as Consular openings and how to extend your stay if you are laid off. They also provide guidance on eligibility for Unemployment Insurance.

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Australians Living in New York v4.8

For a number of years we have been publishing data on Australians living in New York and the broader U.S.. This report highlights data from the Departments of Homeland Security and State.

Given the past growth in the number of Australians living in New York and other large cities, a persistent question this article attempts to answer: How many Aussies are living in New York and the broader US, and how many are just visiting?

Australians entering the United States

How many Australians are living in New York?

5 reasons why the E3 visa is not going away anytime soon.

Since the new Administration has signaled sweeping changes to the US’s policy on immigration, The Australian Community has been approached by many of its members who are concerned that the E3 visa may be abolished.

Clearly they are concerned about the potential economic and social impact that this will have on thousands of Australians living and working in the US.