The first question asked by any Australian with their signature barely dry on their job offer is “Which U.S. consulate is best to get an E3 visa appointment?”

Since COVID shut down U.S. consulates in early 2020, it has been a struggle for Australians to get an E3 visa appointment. Often, when one U.S. consulate opens up appointments, a flood of applications flow in, and suddenly the wait is three to six months.

It’s a bit like your GPS telling you how to avoid an accident up ahead on the highway by taking a service road. Unfortunately, everyone with a GPS gets the same message and the service road is suddenly congested!

Fortunately, The Australian Community has access to the latest consular data that shows where in the world E3 visas are being processed and gives you an understanding of which U.S. consulate to book your next E3 visa appointment.

Knowing where E3 visas are being processed is at least an indication of where your best chances are of securing an appointment.

January’s E3 Visa consular approvals.

Where to get an E3 Visa Appointment
January 2022E-3E-3DE-3R
Abu Dhabi11
AIT Taipei1
Buenos Aires 32
Chennai (Madras)1
Ho Chi Minh City11
Hong Kong541
Mexico City1
New Delhi46
Nuevo Laredo11
Reykjavik 1
Rio De Janero62
San Salvador1
Sao Paulo1
Tel Aviv21

As you scroll through the data, there are some standouts:

  • Sydney which has consistently been the leading consulate for processing E3s, is closed.
  • Perth approved only 8 E3, 5 E3D and 4 E3R visas.
  • London and Singapore approved 19 and 14 new E3s respectively.
  • Special mention to Calgary, Dubai, and Frankfurt.
  • One lucky Aussie saw the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  • Melbourne was #1 with 181 E3, 127 E3D and 389 E3 Renewal visas.

In all, 333 new E3 visas were approved in January. This is slightly down from 348 for December 2021. Hopefully, we will see another bump when Sydney re-opens.

We saw a slight drop in E3 Visa Approvals in January.

This is good news for our Save the E3 Visa initiative where we are helping Australians find work on the E3 visa. The goal is to fill the 10,500 visa quota before the E3 Legislation changes.

As they say in Financial Service, “past performance is not indicative of future returns”, so if a trip that combines a summit of Mt Everest and an E3 renewal sounds appealing, you might want to check E3 visa appointment times online at Visa Appointment Wait Times (US Dept of State).

Further, you may want to consider working with an Immigration attorney who specializes in the E3 Visa. They have the most up-to-date data on visa approvals and may be able to secure an Emergency Appointment sooner rather than later.

OBTW Kathmandu is only accepting emergency appointments at the time of publication – in case you were about to break out the crampons.

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