10 Reasons to Connect with our Private Enterprise Social Network

The challenges that face Australians living in the US are constantly evolving.  Our private social network is the perfect platform to access, and share knowledge with other Australian professionals!

The Australian Community is a 501(c)(3) registered public charity whose mission is to connect Australians through social, professional and charitable initiatives.  Since its inception in 2011, we have assisted more Australians overcome the challenges of living in New York than any other public charity.

As we enter our seventh year, we are now using the lessons learned in NYC to assist Australians overcome many of the same challenges across the US.

Social media sites can be a great resource.  However, LinkedIn is vast and challenging to make Australian connections.  Facebook may be great for staying in contact with known friends, but its expat groups offer few real connections with Australians actually living in the US and little value outside a plethora of short term sublets.

Yammer is an important addition to our technology platform as it allows our members to communicate and collaborate in a private virtual environment that is available 24/7.


Below are the Top 10 reasons why connecting to our private Yammer Social Network offers our members a private and secure online experience.

#10 Yammer is Enterprise strength:

Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network deployed by global organizations to provide social media and collaboration tools to its employees.

If a product is robust and scalable enough to meet the requirements of organizations with over 200,000 employees, it will certainly meet our needs.

#9 It behaves like existing social media:

Yammer allows you to post links, pictures, documents as well as comment, follow people and conduct polls. It behaves very similarly to existing social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, so it has a very short learning curve.

#8  You do not just join Groups – you subscribe to Conversations:

It may sound like splitting hairs, but a conversation is a very different psychology to a group.  Groups are all about what people have in common, and a conversation is where people come together to exchange ideas and learn.

Topics such as US Taxes, Visas, Sports, Legal, Professional and Social connections are just some of the Conversations available to members.

#7  It reduces social media “Noise”:

If you subscribe to a Conversation, you only receive updates on that specific topic.  Feedback from members from our LinkedIn Group is that they do not want to receive constant updates on topics that are not relevant.

#6  It is Collaborative:

Portals enable groups to share information and collaborate on projects.  Whether that is sharing the latest information on which Embassy has the fastest E-3 turnaround, or helping collaborate on a fundraiser, Yammer offers a richer experience than public social media.

#5  It is highly Scalable:

As our organization grows through 5,000 NYC members in 2015, there will be increased pressure to expand into other US geographies.  Boston, DC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth all have significant Australian populations who would benefit from our knowledge base.

Filing FBAR is the same no matter where you live in the US!

#4  It offers Instant Messaging:

IM is a tool that has proven its value in organizations with as little as 50 employees.  The value IM it can deliver to The Australian Community is significant.

At a glance you can see contacts who are online and reach out directly.  Simple questions can be answered quickly rather than creating an email.

#3  It has a powerful Search feature:

Looking for a Conversation, person or article?  Yammer has a powerful search tool with auto suggestions to make search fast and reliable.

Scrolling through dozens of posts looking for the right information is now a thing of the past.

#2  It is Private and well Moderated:

As Yammer sits on our side of the firewall, conversations are not public facing.  Privacy is one of the main reasons why members do not subscribe to any form of social media.

Access is by invitation only therefore you cannot request to join Yammer.  This protects members from serial networkers who are constantly requesting to connect with you on social media.

There is even a process to report members who violates our code of conduct.  Recidivists receive a ‘Red Card’ and are blocked altogether.

#1 Your Privacy is our Priority:

The number one reason why approximately a third of our members do not use any social media, is that they wish to keep their personal information private.

However, the social media model is built on gathering the personal information of subscribers and selling or leveraging that that information to drive revenue:  There layeth the problem.

The Australian Community does not need your personal information twice, nor do we share your information with third parties.  Yammer only requires first and last names from a member when they are invited to connect with the portal.

A member can search, comment, post, download; all without exposing more than their first and last name to others.

Naturally you can populate your profile with a personal picture, title, contact information, work history, even links to a Facebook or LinkedIn profile; it is up to you to decide how much information you wish to share.

If you are already a member of The Australian Community you will automatically receive an invitation to connect with Yammer.  If you are an Australian living in the US, you are welcome to join using the form below.

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