Every Australian Ex-Pat in the US will experience two carousel moments. The first is when you arrive and are standing at an airport carousel waiting for your bags.

In that moment a wave of emotion washes over you, a combination of excitement and cold sweat when you ask yourself the question “What have I just done?”

The other is having said goodbye to America and you are standing at an airport carousel in Australia. For many repatriating Australians, in this moment the question is “Did I pull up stumps too early?”

2024 is a critical year for Australian ex-pats living in the US who have been on the fence about repatriation. On top of all of the personal and professional challenges they have overcome since arriving, they also made it through a Pandemic.

Let’s be clear, repatriation is a permanent solution to what could be a temporary problem. Just ask the thousands of Australians who pulled the proverbial pin in 2020/2021 and now regret leaving too soon.

Therefore, one of our charitable activities in 2024 is to provide an Australian Ex-Pat in the US with as much unvarnished data to factor into any decision – cue The Clash’s 1982 hit.

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