Top 10 Tips Australian Job Seekers in America

Here are our Top 10 Tips for Australian Job Seekers in America to better understand the nuances of finding work.

If you have been researching how to get a job in America from Australia, you understand that, at some point, you need to get on a plane. However, if you go into the game without understanding the rules or having a plan, Australian job seekers in America will quickly start to accumulate some very unnecessary scar tissue.

Members of The Australian Community (a US public charity) have access to a series of educational videos on our YouTube Channel. There they can learn from the experience of other Australians who have successfully found work.

Further, financial members have access to additional services, such as introductions to potential advocates working inside key organizations.

Jobs in America for Australians

The Australian Community has been providing guidance for Australians seeking work for more than a decade.

If you are legally seeking full-time employment in America, we understand the challenges of how to get a job in America from Australia.

Therefore, this post is for informational purposes for those looking to understand how to make jobs in America for Australians more accessible.

The first roadblock to finding work in America is attempting to do it from Australia. Although we live in a changing work environment where remote workers are common, most American companies will not interview applicants outside the United States. For those reading this in the U.S., you have already made it through the first challenge.