Food Insecurity in America – Donate Now to Help

Food Insecurity in America currently impacts more than 35 Million people.

Every day more and more Americans rely on food banks to provide the necessary nutrition for their families. 2021 has seen an exponential increase in the number of families who are food insecure. Most importantly, food banks desperately need our support to continue to fight food insecurity.

Australian Giving for Food Security

Australians make significant contributions in the U.S. to Business, the Arts, and Science. Giving to a cause that can fight food insecurity across America also highlights our philanthropic contributions. Our organization recognizes that Australians are members of a broader U.S. community and want to give.

Fundraising Total $3,980 (with Matching)

Our organization’s commitment is to initially raise more than $20,000 to fight food insecurity across ten states. To help achieve this goal, The Australian Community has allocated a total of $10,000 to match donations!

Therefore, when you donate, The Australian Community will also match your donations, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum total of $10,000. Together we can raise and quickly exceed the $20,000 goal.

Grant Methodology for Food Banks 

There are thousands of communities in U.S. cities that are facing food insecurity. Therefore our goal is to initially donate $20,000 to food banks in the ten most populous States. The more funds we raise, the more communities we can support in these and other states!

Firstly, Charity Navigator, a charity ranking website, will do the due diligence. Only food banks with the highest rating based on their financial health, accountability, transparency and the percentage of expenses spent on the programs and services they deliver will receive grants.

Charities will therefore be selected on the basis of their effectiveness in delivering services.