Are you Smarter than an Immigration Attorney?

There is no shortage of people on Social Media who think they are smarter than an Immigration attorney.  They are regular contributors to Blogs, Facebook groups, and are quick to offer legal advice on visa applications, and other Immigration issues.  Unfortunately, not all of this advice is current, and in some instances, completely incorrect.

Our Yammer Private Enterprise Social Network was created to give our membership access to ethical, professional advice, content and connections.  It has become an important resource for overcoming many of the challenges facing Australian expats living and working in the US.

To set the record straight on key Immigration issues, Zjantelle Cammisa Markel who is a member of Yammer network, and is an Australian US Immigration attorney, has recorded a series of videos that answer common expat Immigration questions, and provides insights that only an Immigration Attorney can provide.

The video series were recorded exclusively for members of our Yammer private network and not only integrates with our non-profit’s Mission, but provides another valuable reason for Australians to join our organization.

These videos cover the following topics:

  • Administrative Processing
  • Advice for E-3 Spouses on an EAD
  • Australia or a US Consulate for your E-3 Interview?
  • B-1, B-2 Visas
  • Contracting
  • How the I-94 impacts your E-3
  • J-1 Visas
  • Looking for work as a Tourist
  • Multiple Re-Entries on a Visa
  • Social Media Pitfalls
  • The D.I.Y. E-3
  • Tourist Traps
  • Which US Consulate is “Best” for an E-3 Application/Renewal

Members can sign into our Yammer network using this link

Below is a brief video offering three pieces of general advice for Australians, as well as the importance of checking your I-94 date when (re)entering the U.S..

Another member of our private network, Noah Klug, who is an Immigration attorney working with Australians in New York also shares some advice:

“If I could choose just one piece of immigration law advice to give to Aussies moving to the US, it would be to make sure that the E-3 is the best visa option for your particular circumstances. The E-3 is certainly a wonderful visa category and Aussies are very fortunate to have access to it, but there are times when another visa category might be a better fit for an individual or company. For example, the E-2 Treaty Investor visa has a number of potential benefits over the E-3:

  • Double the visa validity period (4 years instead of just 2 years), reducing in half the number of renewals required during your time in the US.
  • The visa holder can remain on the Australian payroll and there are no minimum salary requirements; and
  • The E-3 is really not designed for start-ups, whereas the E-2 Treaty Investor visa category specifically allows for this scenario.

In addition, the E-2 has similar benefits to the E-3, such as spousal work authorization, processing entirely through the U.S. Consulate, and unlimited number of renewals allowed.”

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