Over the past seven years, The Australian Community has connected over 5,800 Australians living in New York.  We reached out to members who have returned home, and asked them to share their perspective on living in NYC and their transition back to Australia.

What advice would you give to Aussies contemplating the move to NYC?

Jenifer Varzaly

Legal Consultant & Law Lecturer

“Having this city on my CV has allowed me to create opportunities which were unimaginable prior to my move, and has resulted in a truly international career for me since leaving. I return every chance I get, just to soak up some more of the amazing energy which exists in the city, and to catch up with the lifelong friends I made there.”

Paul Scott

Associate Director

“For anyone with professional ambition who is contemplating or has the opportunity to live and work overseas, particularly the US, I would say grab it with both hands. The value of both the professional (and personal) growth cannot be overstated.”

Haig Kayserian

Internet Business Consultant, Investor

“It is the most fast-paced and exciting work environment in the world. If you embrace that culture, and are on a winner of an idea, you can succeed quick. If you do not embrace it, you are swimming against a current that will drown you.”

Kate Johnson

Regional Manager

“For me, NY was one of the best + worst experiences of my life. I’ve never experienced so much stress, but at the same time so much satisfaction for making the move.”

Sarah Kossew

Social Media Manager

“I’ve been trying to think of some sage words of advice to share, but I’m afraid all I can think of is: don’t ever leave New York!

Or at least be absolutely sure you’re ready to head back to Australia because it can be a very difficult adjustment to leave the city that once felt unaccommodating and overwhelming, but that actually became home. The energy, vibrancy and wonderment of New York is impossible to replicate.”

Justin Angsuwat

Human Resources

“Living in NYC means always needing to be somewhere yesterday, learning to ‘shark walk’, having more things on your to-do list than hours in a NYC day, and having a token kitchen primarily used to store your Seamless leftovers and 4:00 am pizza slices.”


My experience was still a very positive one now that I look back. It was certainly an experience where you feel is this all worth it (researching/networking and applying for roles) when you could be out exploring that wonderful city that is New York.

As much as I was drawn to give-up I didn’t and can walk away knowing I gave it my best shot, which on this occasion wasn’t good enough. It made me a better person for the experience and certainly an experience where now I can draw upon when in similar situations. It is so true what they say – New York waits for no-one.”

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