For anyone who has lived through a New York winter, the prospect of warmer weather is a welcome joy.  As a public service, here are five leading indicators that spring is just around the corner in NYC.

1) Joey sees his shadow

February 2nd is Groundhog Day, and while Punxsutawney Phil gets it right less than 40% of the time, our mascot Joey has a 80% track record of correctly predicting either an early or late spring.

2) Dogs stop wearing puffer coats and snow shoes

It’s a New York thing…

3) You carry your coat more than you wear it

When leaving home without your coat becomes a question of risk vs reward.

4) Two out of three men are running shirtless in Central Park

False positive if it is St Patrick’s Day.

5) Meteorologists begin using the term “Spring-like conditions”

By the time you hear it three times, it’s Spring!