Having access to professional advice is essential to understanding the many pitfalls in applying for an E-3 visa and International travel during COVID-19.

Applying for an E3 visa is not the same as it was in 2019. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our lives and disrupted US Consulate appointments for US visas for Australians. Most importantly, past information on which USA Embassy is “best” for visa approvals can no longer be relied upon. 

New and proposed USCIS changes to the E3 visa seem to be happening weekly.  Therefore, you must understand how these changes effect applying for an E3 visa or other US visas for Australians at US Consulates. 

The Australian Community has been working with experts to keep our members up to date on where new E3 visa appointments are available at which USA Embassy.  Further, we highlight travel strategies for those applying for an E3 visa and renewing existing US visas for Australians.

If ever there is a time to rely upon experts, now is the time. As the below videos will explain, what may have been a simple process pre COVID-19, is now complex, and a wrong move could have irreparable consequences.

Below are a series of videos that provide important visa and travel updates. Further, they highlight the need for coordination between an Immigration attorney and travel experts to understand how to navigate Consular appointments during COVID-19.

To watch all of our current and past videos you can visit our YouTube Channel.

Immigration Updates:

These videos are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.  Please contact Cammisa Markel PLLC for specific legal advice regarding your situation.

Immigration attorney Zjantelle Cammisa Markel discusses the following updates:

  • 0:00​ Introduction
  • 0:40​ New Administration’s updates on Travel Restrictions into the US.
  • 2:14​ National Interest Exemptions into the US.
  • 3:28​ COVID test requirements for entering the US.
  • 5:36​ International and Domestic quarantine rules, and their impact on travel to US Consulates.
  • 9:00​ Is Australia now the best option for visa applications?
  • 10:03​ Why Mexico City is (for the moment) not a viable destination.
  • 11:15​ Challenges in obtaining Emergency Appointments at US Consulates.
  • 12:14​ The I-129 in-country renewal may now be an option for some E-3 and other visa holders.
  • 14:03​ The “Shifting Sands” od Consulat appointments and why past performance does not guarantee future returns!
  • 15:38​ Delays in obtaining Biometric appointments impact EADs, Green Cards, Change of Status, and Re-entry Permits.
  • 23:10​ Fall in E-3 approvals in 2020. In part, are Australians staying in roles rather than changing employers?
  • 25:59​ Applying for a Travel Exemption to and from Australia.
  • 27:53​ Travel to the US on a Visa Waiver and extending VIsa Waivers through Satisfactory Departure.
  • 29:23​ Proposed Green Card Lottery increases from 55,000 to 80,000 and why this favors Australians.
  • 30:02​ Simplified process for traveling on an expired Green Card after filing your I-90 renewal.
  • 30:56​ Premium Processing approved (but pending) for E-3, EAD, and Visa Status Change will reduce processing times to 30-45 days.
  • 33:52​ How to contact Cammisa Markel PLLC.
Hear how Premium Processing is now available for the E-3 Visa, and when it makes sense to apply.

Comparison of E-3 Approvals by Month

The charts below show total number of E-3 visas issues Globally, as well as which US Consulates are issuing visas.  Very importantly, travel is now a major factor in applying for an E3 visa.  Flights, as we know, have been severely limited to Australia, and the expense may be prohibitive.  Choosing which Consulate to apply for your E-3 visa is no longer just a factor of securing an appointment, but travel and quarantine considerations need to be factored into your decision process. 

February 2021 E-3, E-3D, and E-3R Consular Approvals

Feb 2021E-3E-3DE-3R
Chennai (Madras)11
Hong Kong1
Mexico City32
New Delhi1312
Panama City1
San Jose2
San Salvador1
Tel Aviv1
Tijuana Tpf1

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