9/11 Flag Raising in New York

Saturday, September 11, 2021, marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The Australian Community will commemorate this occasion with a special flag-raising ceremony at Bowling Green in NYC.

The September 11 2021 Australian flag-raising ceremony at Bowling Green commemorates the Ten Australians who perished at Ground Zero, twenty years ago.

With the cooperation of Government, Military, and Civilian organizations, the 20th Anniversary Flag Raising ceremony at Bowling Green will feature special performances by leading Australian artists.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendees will be limited to comply with NYC Parks and New York State Regulations. Social distancing and hygiene protocols will be in effect.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green is the site in New York City where the Dutch founded New Amsterdam in the early 1600s. It served as the young city’s town square and public meeting place. Bowling Green became the first public park in America on March 12, 1733.

It is also located just a few hundred meters from the site of the Twin Towers.

Bowling Green is intimately associated with both the beginning and end of the American Revolution and is synonymous with George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and other American Founding Fathers.

Australian 20th Anniversary Commemoration of 9/11

We wish to acknowledge the Australian performing artists who lent their talents on the day.

Analisa Bell, Amelia Cormack, Emily Mwila, Sarah Wadsley, Roanna Dempsey, MiG Ayesak, Ben McHugh.

The Commemoration

  • Advance Australia Fair
  • Star-Spangled Banner
  • Welcome Address
  • Brief History of Bowling Green
  • Special Address
  • Special Address
  • Eulogy for the Ten Australians
  • My Country
  • (The Australian Flag is raised)
  • Binyon Lines For The Fallen
  • Reading of the Names
    • Kevin Dennis
    • Alberto Dominguez
    • Elisa Ferraina
    • Craig Gibson
    • Peter Gyulavary
    • Yvonne Kennedy
    • Andrew Knox
    • Lesley Thomas
    • Stephen Tompsett
    • Leanne Whiteside
  • Amazing Grace
  • When The War Is Over
  • True Blue
  • I Still Call Australia Home

Post-Ceremony Bonds of Mateship Drinks

Immediately after the ceremony concludes, all are invited to make their way to Beckett’s, a short distance away on Historic Stone Street, for a more informal celebration of the “Bonds of Mateship.”

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